Friday, December 16, 2011

Heroes in My Life (part-5): Introducing Garima Singh

I am introducing to you – Garima Singh, an MCA (2008-2011) alumni from BIT Mesra Main Campus, and a colleague at Samsung India Electronics R&D’s Software Engineering Lab.She hails from Bokaro – the steel city.

Friendly, Simple, Good-looking, Helping, Adventurous - is how I would describe her. I have not known her for long but if you have such a positive perception of someone in the first few meetings, more often than not, you are in - for a good company. :)

Adventurous.. like I told you!

What could one learn from her? Well, you could learn to mingle with new friends, you can learn a positive & helping attitude. You can learn how to enjoy every moment of life without getting involved in the complexities. 

Are you tired or bored? You need to rejoice?? Just chat/talk with her. That’ll lighten your mood. And yeah, she knows hell a lot about her job, the tools used. She explained to me the whole compilation process and the different tools used to compile the 10GB code! And that is why I told – “If you think Girls are not good coders think again!”

Oh.. did I forget to tell you… its not a good idea to mess with her!

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