Monday, December 26, 2011

Heroes in My Life (part-7): Akhil Ranjan - Santa Claus for me and BIT Mesra

Its Christmas and what does one do? Well the best thing is to gift your Santa something... now what could one gift Santa something?  Talking about gifting the very person who gifts everyone on this auspicious day? Does Santa even exist?

You may think I am crazy. Well, that may be true, but I know exactly who my Santa Claus is and what I can and I will gift him. The best gift one can give a Santa Claus is 'Thank You!' and that's exactly what I am going to do.

My Santa Claus is one of my best friends (for me, my best friend is not one single person, rather its a group of people) Akhil Ranjan a graduate from BIT Mesra in Biotechnology and currently working in Congnizant.

Of all the great people I have talked about or have written about in my article, including the people I'll be writing about in the days and years to come, he is among the top 5%. If I were to rate the best student of BIT Mesra who graduated in 2011, my answer undoubtedly would be Akhil Ranjan! Infact I really wanted to give him the Best Student Award, but you know I am not in a position to do so.

You may complain that it should have been my coding partner  better known as the SuperGenius - Shahzor Khan, or the muti-talented Prakhar Goel, the SuperSinger Hari, P Vishal, may be Vishesh Agrawal, the all-rounder Siddharth Menon, the research-oriented Abhishek Sharma,the GreatCoder Zeshan Zahid, the UltimateIntelligent Jayesh Bhardwaj and so on the list continues... agreed that they are Genius and masters of their own fields, but I am sure I would pick Akhil.

He doesn't have a job at Microsoft or Google or Amazon or Yahoo, he hasn't represented India at an international convention, he is not pursuing PG from Harvard or Massachusetts, but what he has contributed to BIT Mesra is more than anyone else has done.

When a person succeeds there are lot of people working behind the scenes. When an event succeeds, there is a Chief-organizer and/or Coordinator, but there are others who play 'Anchor' (and I am not talking about host). These people are base over which the Coordinator does his job. Akhil Ranjan was the very such Anchor/Pillar in BIT Mesra.

Bet it BITOTSAV, DIPOSTAV, Fugiya, Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra, Paritraan or any other event by Dance Club, Fine Arts Society - you name it - in most of them, he had given his 100% without expecting anything in return.

Of all the events Prakhar and I organized in our final year, if not for Akhil, the events would have failed miserably. At times when we needed inspiration, he was the perfect guide. More than that he's the best friend one seeks for life. People rarely get a friend like him and I am fortunate to have him as a friend.

He has the best attitude a person can have, the best soul that shines with divinity, a kind and tender heart that does not allow him to eat if he sees any poor and/or hungry people - he just gives away his food, even if he has to be hungry!

Dedicated, hard-working, persistent, intelligent, handsome are some of the adjectives that can be tried  to define him, but even these words fail! He taught me the little I know about Gym and physical fitness, with his training I had lost 6 Kgs in 15 days!! Its sad that I gained 8 Kgs in 2 months in June. It is the first time that I have written so much about a person in my blog and I feel my words have not been able to do justice to his personality and potential.

He's a great Singer, a good dancer, a great Artist (Painter), an eager learner, an obedient son, a good researcher who was also the youngest participant in S K Mukherjee Gold Medal Research Symposium along with Prakhar Goel.

He's a great potential as an instructor and as a model (with a kind heart, sexy voice and sexy look he's a deadly combination, girls usually fall for him... so girls reading this blog-post beware!)

Wish you all the best my friend. You've been my Santa this year, thanks for that! Merry Christmas. May God bless you!!

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