Saturday, December 24, 2011

Heroes in My Life (Part-6) - Introducing Shreya Gupta

It is said, "Some are born Great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them." I believe that there other kinds as well. One of those kinds is people who have inherited Greatness and then cultivate habits and skills to develop the acquired Greatness to the next level. They hone their skills and Greatness. Shreya belongs to that particular category.

Shreya Gupta IIIT Allahabad Smasung Software Engineering Lab3

Let me describe her 3 Great and very uncommon talents rarely found in people, and its almost impossible to have all the 3 together! Usually people try to develop them. But she has as a God-gift-
  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Motivational Skills
  3. Initiator Skills

I saw the real potential that she possesses during our stay in Mussoorie - during the Games we played and the other Interaction Events as well.

Its really hard to remember your first meeting with a person until there's something special about the person. But since I remember my first encounter with 90% of the people in Samsung SEL, my belief (that they ARE SPECIAL) is further reinforced.

It was her who initiated the conversation, and it was the first time I was talking with her, Richa, and Ruchi, I came to know that she's a post-graduate from IIIT Allahabad. She hails from Allahabad, one of the pilgrims of India.

So in case you are in Samsung SEL, and need motivation or need new ideas... you can contact her!

P.S. In one of our plays, which I was fortunate enough to be coordinating, she did a nice cat-walk, I guess she can make her future in modelling as well Winking smile

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