Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How little we know and how confused we are... I am talking about us - so called Engineers!

Just yesterday, one of my friends from MMP was trying to convince me that his Samsung Galaxy R (market price 21K) was a much better phone and that I was a big fool to buy Nokia 701 (market price 16.5Ksince Symbian was a stupid Operating System. The reasons for which I bought Nokia 701 are plenty, which I will discuss in some other post. However, when debating he told me such stuff (either out of ignorance or may be because he wanted to prove himself right at any cost) that I was compelled into thinking that how little we engineers ourselves know about technology. 

He said "Do you know what ARM Cortex A8 processor is? Do you know what OpenGL is? ARM Cortex A8 Processor has inbuilt GPU..."

I was sure that CPU is different that GPU still I kept quite, but he continued...

"Check it on Goolge or Wikipedia.."
And so I did... I checked out Wikipedia and one of the articles on Wikipedia about Google Nexus S says - 

"The Nexus S has the Samsung Exynos 3110 processor. This processor combines a 45 nm 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 based CPU core with a PowerVR SGX 540 GPU. The CPU core, code-named "Hummingbird", was co-developed by Samsung and Intrinsity.[12] The GPU, designed by Imagination Technologies, supports OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 and is capable of up to 20 million triangles per second."

Funny isn't it? It was even funnier that he asked me to compare it with Nokia 701. Nokia 701 costs only 16.5K while Nexus S is priced at around 28K. He asked me to compare it with Galaxy R which is priced at 21K. Funnier still, he asked me that I should have bought a Windows Phone Mango may be Omnia W or Nokia Lumia 800. I guess the poor fellow neither had the time to go through my blog-posts in Samsung's SEL Portal neither he had any information about a product called Nokia Lumia 710. Had he read my blogs he would have known that Samsung's Omnia W wasn't launched in Indian market until December 18th, and that Nokia Lumia 800 was launched along with Nokia Lumia 701 on 15th December in India. Also he would have asked me to compare Nokia Lumia 710 instead of Nokia Lumia 800  to my Nokia 701.

Funniest of all he could have bought Samsung Galaxy S plus instead of Galaxy R at that price...

[NOTE: It seems Nexus S has two versions- 
1. With Super Amoled display it costs 28-29K 
2. With Clear LCD display and a few other changes it costs 19K

Oh! And by the way, he also told me that there was no competitor to Nvidia when it comes to processor! And I know how wrong he was. May be he doesn't pay attention to latest technology trends! Nvidia may be best in computer processors but it ranks 2nd in case of SmartPhones, in which case Qualcomm is the world leader.

Moreover, I was thinking as to why people just run after the very thing everyone else is crazy about? If Android is a good operating system, it doesn't meet any phone which has Android will suit your requirements. People have different preferences, for example, I wanted a SmartPhone that looked like a Phone (I am talking about size guys!). Agreed that Samsung Galaxy series is one of the best gadget series the world has ever seen and even agreed that Android did leave Symbian far behind, however, I wanted a device that could be bought in early October (which means Windows Phone Mango were unavailable at the time.) with Smaller screen, at-least 8MP camera, at-least 8GB memory with a budget no more than 17K. Considering what I wanted, I found Nokia 701 to be best. Also Symbian Belle reviews were good enough.  The reviewers in major technical blogs have hailed Nokia 701 the closest competitor to Android in the Symbian Series and believe me it really is!


  1. Guggi here-
    "bhai... i read you post... and i realize that i dunno about others but u r really confused... its good u have accepted it!!!
    Abour Galaxy R vs 701... its totally no competition there... R can out smart 701 in almost every field.
    Secondly, I found your blog full of humor... though unintentional i m sure."

  2. Guggi here again-
    "okay... thats good u liked one phone and bought it... but u can't just compare it with other better phones...
    Secondly... if u don't want someone commenting then why u have updated it as FB status..."

  3. Abhishek Goel:
    dude so nokia 701 is suited for you.. and ur blogs as far as i think is meant for a larger audience.. and ur opinion is biased accto WAHT YOU NEED... so should we take it as ur blogs are misleading and should not be read.. as ur blog is based on what u think and not what stats show.. or what a largere mass thinks... all the BIG people in mobile industry know and feel symbian is dead.. and android is leader.. and if u still can say a stupid thing as... since everybody is using it.. i dint go for it... lamest thing i have ever heard..

  4. Abhishek Goel here-
    haha!! guggi.. i guess this status was just to publicize himself.. and not gather critisism.. on where the guy is wrong.. i guess the post is titled quite right... "How little we know and how confused we are"
    clearly shows the confusion of the author... suited title.. i give him 10/10 for title.. :P"

  5. Guggi here-
    "I would like to disagree with u Abhishek... i don't think title was completely correct... it should be like ""How little I know and how confused I am"!!! :P"

  6. Abhishek Goel-
    "i think the guy might be giving himself izzat by refering to himself as "we" instead of "i"..."

  7. @Guggi and Abhishek Goel-

    I can understand Guggi's comments since its closer to 12:01AM (just kidding), however did not expect the same from your Goli.

    Re-read the blog-post you morons- I never said Nokia 701 is better than Galaxy R or Nokia Belle OS is better than Android.

    I was simply saying that you can't compare a phone with avg market price of 16.5K with a phone with an avg. market price of about 21.5K!!

    Its no doubt that Galaxy R would have better specs, after all one will pay 5-6K extra for it.

    And if you suggest that you can compare Nokia 701 with Galaxy R, its like saying you can compare Galaxy S with iPhone!!

    Listen you idiots, the comparisons worth having are:
    1. Nokia 701 Vs Samsung Galaxy SL (Galaxy S GT-i9003)
    2. iPhone Vs Galaxy S2

  8. Also,
    I suggest you go through the following articles before bitching around about Nokia 701, Nokia Belle and Galaxy series-




  9. And about my post in Facebook, if you guys had brains to analyze or eyes to see, you could see that I did not post my blog-links on my profile/wall. Its that my blogger account is linked to Twitter which in turn is linked to Facebook. So my post goes to twitter and twitter puts it up on my wall.

    Anyone can see Posted by twitter & the twitter icon below the posts.