Monday, December 5, 2011

iHuman–A tribute to Steve Jobs and his Humane Spirit.

Steven Paul Jobs, known to the world as Steve Jobs the Entrepreneur, the Innovator, the Businessman, the Creator, the Visionary – was a human just as you and me. No doubt he has a Larger than Life Image and he is one of the best the world has seen, he still remains very very human.

I won’t be talking about how great he was, what all products he created, but I would like to expose his Human side. Just like us, he faced difficulties, had his share of problems, he had his share of fame & criticism, he had his share of poverty, he had his share of tragedies and dilemmas, but he came out strong and triumphant.

Did you know that Steve Jobs had 400+ patents to his name??

This post is about that Humane Spirit, that dwells in everyone of us – a gift from the Heavenly father which helps us face our challenges and come out victorious.

He was born out of a relationship between a Professor and his student who chose to give him up for adoption. He exchanged Coke Bottles for Food, had weekly meals at the Hare Krishna Temple, slept on the floor on friends’ rooms; worked as summer employee in a couple of organizations, before he was known to you & me. He was just another fellow.

Did you know that Steve Jobs exchanged Coke Bottles for Food, had weekly meals at the Hare Krishna Temple, slept on the floor on friends’ rooms??

He had his share of personal traumas, yes he cheated on his friend for money and yes he sued even teenagers for posting blogs about Apple’s trade secrets. He had his share of fight with Dell CEO, and complained about Windows copying Apple’s style while Xerox claimed that Apple copied their style of Operating System for Mac.But he was determined to succeed at any cost.

He had to leave the very organization he had co-founded, imagine what a heart-break it would have been. But he bought and renamed NeXT, created PIXAR and even returned to Apple. Became the member Board of Directors of Walt Disney holding the most share by any individual (7%).

He took a salary of $1 per year as the CEO of apple, but held its shares. He was known for firing employees that at one time, many employees feared meeting him in the lift fearing that they might not have their jobs when the lift stopped!

But for a person, who had seen so much in his life, who had gone through tough times – he had become strong. He wanted perfection at all cost. He gave his 100% and demanded 100% from others.

He wasn’t all good, because he was human. He had his downsides just like we all do. But he was a living Legend and a Great Man because he refused to quit, he refused to be defeated.

He gave us iPod, iPad, iPhone but more important than that – he gave us an example of the fighting Humane Spirit. His life is a message to the Human race – that they should not quit easily; that life is about overcoming challenges. He taught us to never give up. He taught us to give our 100%. He taught us that everyone has his share of sufferings, tragedies and sorrows but the Humane Spirit is meant to see us through.

Rest In Peace Steve Human Jobs!

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