Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just Registered my blog Aasthik at IndiBlogger.

Yes, I have registered Aasthik on Indiblogger finally. It seems they also have a kind of ranking system, and I will be waiting for a ranking for  Aasthik. I think it'll help me analyze and improvise my blog.

My blog Aasthik as you know, ranks No.1 in Google Search when searched with single keyword aasthik. It is also to be noted that atleast 5 entries in the the top 10 search results are related either to my blog or to me. Having a Google Search Rank of 1 is always good, but an additional analysis by any specific algorithm will be most welcome. I am also glad that  Aasthik has maintained its Number1 rank in google throughout the year, although there are videos in youtube with the same name, there is a google site and there is a facebook user with the name Aasthik.

I had come across Indiblogger a couple of times, but wasn't sure if I should register it or not. At the time I did not pay much attention because I was busy with many things. However, today when I got some free time, I checked it out and it seemed pretty cool.

I am hoping that they approve the entry, since I use meet their conditions some of which are:
1. The registered blog, should be a blog nothing else, e.g. a product promotion website won't count. I guess that's pretty obvious.
2. Posts should express the blogger's views, i.e., it shouldn't be copy pasted from somewhere on the internet.
3. If at all its copy pasted, due credit is to be given to the original author and original source.

I am positive that I meet their criteria. Lets see when I get the confirmation from their side.

However, I would say, Aasthik is still an infant just as I am still a novice blogger. But the feedback I have got from friends is encouraging enough and having accumulated 22,000+ hits & 100+ comments in less than 2 years is fair enough I guess for an original blog.

Though it was born out of a necessity for a better blog-service (I was using Windows Live Spaces at that time which was going to be shut down by Microsoft), a way to share my knowledge and experiences in life, it became life in itself. I have communicated lots of my experiences and emotions using my blog.

I do like to apologize that these days I am not blogging about Spirituality, Theology or Religion, its coz most of my time is spent in Samsung's office developing some cool and some not-cool applications for Feature Phones using minimum requirements. I can proudly say that we are getting Feature Phones much closer to SmartPhones these days, with many basic applications of Smartphones are now available for FeaturePhones.

Hopefully things will change in future... May Lord lighten my path and brighten my day and yours too :)


  1. "2. Posts should express the bloggers views, i.e., it should be copy pasted from somewhere on the internet."

    I guess it should be "2. Posts should express the bloggers views, i.e., it should'nt be copy pasted from somewhere on the internet." :p

  2. @Anonymous: Thanks for the information. A simple typo resulted in a blunder! Now it has been corrected.

  3. Hi,

    Google page rank works the opposite way. more is better. So page rank of 10 is excellent while less than 2 is bad. You can read more about page rank at: and

    And getting blog into indiblogger is no biggie. they accept every tom, dick and harry. It is just a way to earn money. Still all the best.

  4. @Anonymous: Thanks for your inputs.

    However please note that I am not referring to Google Page Rank. I am talking about Google Search Rank, by which I mean the position at which a website is placed when searched with a unique identifier.

    If you type aasthik and hit enter on then you'll see that my blog is first on the list.

    Additionally, I do know that getting into IndiBlogger is no big deal. What I am interested about is their ranking system.