Friday, December 23, 2011

Sometimes it is easier to write than to Speak. The Dumbest day ever at office became the best ever!

Its true! It was the dumbest day for me at the Office (yeah... yeah.. I am talking about Samsung's Software Engineering Lab Noida). You might say since I am a programmer(Software Engineer to be exact) there's nothing especial about it! But that's not the case. My dumbest day at Office was apparently the best I ever had!

Now can it be? That's what you are thinking right? Well, when I say dumb I mean literally, meaning I lost my ability to speak courtesy of the Noida's (Delhi NCR) super cool climate that some how did not start my asthma problems, instead it chocked my voice. Even as I write this post, I am actually bearing this severe throat infection.

Sometimes its easier to write than to Speak!

Coming to the positive side, the dumbest day turned out to be the best day!  Its because despite all the trouble of communicating with people and specially members from other teams(which was very much required on this particular day) I, with the help of a colleague,  Manali Arora, was able to implement some new features that will be launched in the upcoming models. Also, the code required modifications in many places because it was about to change the basic architecture of a couple of applications in the Samsung's GSM Platform. I cant talk about the new implementation and upcoming changes here, in my blog, for obvious reasons :P

Coming to the point, I was restricted to only written communication for everything. People would speak and I would write or type in order to reply or to tell them what I want. Notepad became a great help and a trusted friend for me! I would never forget this day. It was a great lesson for me.

However, with the help of Manali and support of some team members, the job became a bit better. And let me tell you something more.. I will be having a similar day tomorrow as well, as I did not have time to visit a physician (ENT specialist to be exact) and I wont be doing it tomorrow until 6PM.

There are problems I faced. I could not write everything while communicationg with people, after all written words don't have emotions. Also, there were a few team members who wanted to use the situation by mocking around, some who were enjoying teasing me, asking me questions that I could not answer due to my sore throat. I guess Samsung SEL lacks professionalism, and its not just an experience of day, its my overall experience. However, others were and are equally supportive and helpful.

Wish life had a Mute Button too?

There are a few lessons I learnt:
1. Sometimes it is easier to write than to Speak. (writing code was far better experience than trying to speak and communicate with others! ;) )
2. You can overcome any obstacle if you are willing to.
3. You will overcome any obstacle if a sword is hanging around your neck (by which I mean the deadline of the project.)
4. Understanding and caring people are few in this world, but they are more than one needs at such times.
5. There are people who are happy to see others suffer, just as there are people whose idea of joke is insulting others, just like there are people who have nothing better than trying to get a chance to trouble you.

But here's something that's good about it, now I know what to write/tell exactly in Interview questions of Universities and companies when they ask...

"What has been the biggest challenge that you have faced in this position and how did you tackle it?"

Undoubtedly this was the biggest challenge and hell yeah... I'm ready to face it once again.... tomorrow (or should I say today, coz its 2:57AM now?).

To conclude, with the help of technology, the dumbest day at office, becomes the best and most memorable day.. because Sometimes it is easier to write than to Speak.

P.S. This article is incomplete without a vote of thanks to  Rambhau Sir,Manali, V Niseeth, Kalyan Sir, Deepak Gour and my good friend Ajit Pisal.

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