Friday, January 13, 2012

Heroes in My Life (Part-8) - Richa Pandey (Part-2!!)

Ok, never did I think that I would actually be doing it, but now that the time has come, I realized this is going to get repeated time and again...

You might be wondering what I am talking about. Aren't you? I am talking about the posts of my blog post series Heroes in My Life.

Inspired by Dale Carnegie's eye opening, life changing book "How to win Friends and influence People" I started a separate blog Since Aasthik is my main blog I kept on posting some of the articles from in Aasthik under the label Heroes in My Life.

I posted about some of my friends and I intend to post about a lot of people in my life who have inspired me and taught me a great lot of things. However, this is for the first time that I am forced to post a second blog-post for Someone - And you guessed it right, that some one is none other than Richa Pandey!

At the convocation day...

You can read my first post describing her talents and greatness. However lets continue with the second post.

So what exactly inspired, rather forced me to write a second post? A couple of things.First, of all the posts I wrote about my friends - Girls (obviously brainy and beautiful! Princess ) and Guys (Genius and Intelligent and Rocking too Hot smile )  the article on her is getting maximum hits.

I used a few internet statistics tools including the Google Stats which is Integrated into blogger, I found that almost 70% of my blog visitors, regardless of what page they come from - visit the article I wrote about Richa. Now that’s something interesting isn’t it?

At the Mussoorie trip...

Second, the fact that her potential and hard-work was inescapable even for the Higher authorities at Samsung Software Engineering Lab Noida and she got a deserved trip to the Samsung Head-Quarters in South Korea!

Richa & Sushil in Korea...

I would like to point one thing out – most of the female employees at Samsung SEL, leave at 6. Richa is among the only few girls who stay late whenever required. She never tries to postpone the work. She has a great regard for the job.

Wait a minute, that does not mean that she’s a nerd and dull – she is one of the most jolly person I ever met, who knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. It goes without saying and without a single doubt that she has a bright future ahead. Her family, faculty, friends and colleagues are all proud of her.

Richa with the 3 Musketeers

On a personal note, I was raised by my maternal aunts rather than my mother due to some unavoidable circumstances. There’s not much age difference between me and my aunts – about 10-12 years. My friends at college usually mistook my aunts for my girl-friends!! Just imagine!! Smile with tongue out

Jayshree (eldest), Jyotsna (youngest) have created milestones of their own. However, I was much more closer to Rajshree, and she is my favourite aunt (yeah I’m biased there!). Richa has striking similarity to Rajshree – face, built, nature everything.

P.S. If you are impressed by her - you can add her as friend on Facebook here.

P.P.S. When I wrote the first article, I did not know I was covering a celebrity!

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