Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heroes of My Life: Aparna Sharan - HR Manager, Samsung Software Engineering Lab Noida

Question - How does one identify a good/great person?
Answer – By his/her behaviour towards juniors and people who have no use to him/her.

Mahatma Gandhi writes in his autobiography (which I am reading these days) My Experiments with Truth – “The Seeker after truth should be humbler than the dust. The world crushes the dust under its feet, but the seeker after truth should so humble himself that even dust could crush him.”

He further adds – “If anything I write in these pages, should strike the reader as being touched with pride, then he must take it that there is something wrong with my quest, and that my glimpses (of the truth and the divine) are no more than mirage. Let hundreds like me perish, but let truth prevail. Let us not reduce the standard of truth even by a hair’s breadth for judging erring mortals like myself.” What great words.


Greats like M.K. Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand, Sri Sri Ravishankar, ancient sages of India, the Sufi Saints of Islam and others have clearly stated that life is the process of becoming humbler day by day. And that is how a person can be identified – by his/her humbleness.

Its really difficult to find a real humble person these days – its like finding Diamond in a coal mine. But when you find one – you know who have made a rare discovery! Such was the case when I had y initial interactions with Aparna Ma’m.
Aparna Sharan General Manager - HR Samsung Software Engineering Lab Noida

Mrs Aparna Sharan is Senior Manager in HR Department of Samsung’s Software Engineering Lab, Noida. Its quite obvious that her job is full of responsibilities and meetings. And what a manager she is! I cannot not mention the fact that she’s one of the best and most humble managers I have ever seen till date.

She organized such an awesome Induction program for us – the June 2011 joinees that I can bet none of us will forget. The trip to Mussoorie and the Kempty Falls – those were some golden moments of our lives.

I remember one of my friends – Rajat - telling me – “Really Vishal, I had my doubts when I came to know that only Aparna Ma’m and Rupina Ma’m will accompany us in the Mussoorie trip. But how wrong I was. They are the best managers we can have!”

As a matter of personal experience, I had a few concerns that I wanted to put forward. I tried to visit her a couple of times – a few times she was on business trips, other times busy in meetings. I was unable to get in touch with her. Then, I simply dropped a mail and voila! what prompt reply. Got a ping from her in chat within half an hour. The mark of greatness of any humble manager! Isn’t it?

Not only she listened to my queries peacefully, also tried to pacify me and gave me suggestions for my concerns. I am and I will be grateful to her for her help and kindness.

Aparna Sharan General Manager - HR Samsung Software Engineering Lab Noida at Kempty Falls Mussoorie

Any organization is as good as its leader. If you ask me which is the best department in SEL its the HR Department and Aparna Ma’m has a huge role in it.

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