Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Heroes of My Life (part-9): Mr Pradeep Kumar and his initiative called Magical Methods Training Pvt. Ltd.

Till date, all the posts I have written for the series Heroes in My Life have been about my college friends or Juniors from BIT Mesra or about my colleagues from Samsung. This is the first blog I am posting about a person whom I have never met!

Now, you may wonder how can I post about a person whom I do not personally know. And how is it justified to call him Hero of MY LIFE? Right??

The answer is the fact, that, I believe India today is facing a dearth of good teachers and instructors. To find a real good teacher is very difficult these days. I remember that 80% of the time during my engineering I (along with most of my batch-mates) used to wonder that how these teachers got their job? They had no or little knowledge of their job.As a result I have huge respect for REAL teachers and I plan to become a Professor after 3-4 years of Corporate experience.

Mr Pradeep Kumar is one such instructor/trainer/teacher who has contributed a lot to the education system especially in the field of Vedic Mathematics.


Magical Methods Training - Mr Pradeep Kumar listening to Parents Queries


Mr Pradeep Kumar is a post-graduate from one of the most prestigious colleges for MBA in India – IIM Bangalore. He has been training kids on Vedic Methods since 1998! Just imagine the sheer experience he has and command he has on the subject!

He founded Magical Methods Training Pvt. Ltd. with the vision to spread Vedic Mathematics in India and help children eradicate their fear of Maths. He uses various innovative techniques to train/teach children. One of the methods called the Math Carom method specially impressed me. This method is like FUN STUDY, and that is exactly what a child wants study to be. If study is FUN, children learn easily & quickly. However, today because of the methods used by teachers in India, children find study (specifically mathematics) to be a burden. Its the responsibility of the teacher/trainer/instructor to arouse interest in the children which the teachers today fail to do.




Knowing is not teaching. Teaching is an art. The art is about making the student learn all the 100% you have. Its about giving out your full knowledge. I have seen many teachers with huge knowledge but minimal explanation skills. Such individuals can not be called teachers. Teachers must learn to explain things in a better way which is exactly what Mr Pradeep has been doing.

Magical Methods Training - Mr Pradeep Kumar teaching to find cube roots

The further details of his contribution and his initiative can be obtained from:

Website: www.magicalmethods.com/
Blog Link1: http://vmfortrainer.blogspot.com/
Blog Link2: http://magicalmethods.wordpress.com/
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Magical-Methods-Training-Pvt-Ltd/161663113891616

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