Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Magical Methods Training Pvt Ltd re-kindled the fire and passion within me to take sessions on Vedic Maths.

Taking sessions for under-privileged children and students of engineering and technology is nothing new for me. For those of you who do not know about me, here’s a brief introduction:
1. I am the founder and Chief-coordinator of Paritraan – a social initiative started by me and supported by friends, faculty and juniors not only from BIT Mesra but from other colleges in India.

2. I am the Chairman of Microsoft Software and Technology Club, India, a club that gives free sessions on Microsoft technologies to students, faculty ad professionals across India. We also organize, from time to time, several national and international events to promote programming and software development. DreamSpark Professional Programming contests conducted in 2010 and 2011 are such examples.

3. I have trained more than 1000 students, faculty and professionals on various technologies & subjects like:
  • Microsoft technologies like .NET, SilverLight, Windows 7,   Windows Phone 7, Visual Studio, SQL Server 2008
  • Personality development skills
  • Computer/Digital Literacy
  • Vedic Mathematics

Infact, Paritraan began with my first session in Vedic Maths. However, after joining Samsung Software Engineering Lab as a Software Engineer in June 2011 I was unable to carry out my sessions because of office timings. But then a few days ago, I came across a Facebook Page by the name Magical Methods Training Pvt. Ltd. in which I saw a committed Mr Pradeep Kumar carrying out the task of creating awareness of Vedic Mathematics and  I saw pics of him teaching Vedic Maths and it re-kindled the fire in me to take sessions on Vedic Maths.

Vishal Gupta Founder Paritraan Vedic Maths session2

In the time of writing this blog-post, I am in Nagpur, in the house of my eldest maternal aunt. She is a lecturer in a junior college and also teaches in a Coaching Institute. I offered her to teach Vedic Maths to her students and she agreed and I began taking sessions on Vedic Maths. Its been 2 days already and tomorrow will the third day. Its a mix batch of students from class 7-12.

I would like to point our the syllabus of Maharashtra board is not at all up to the mark and the children even in class 11 are unable to do simple 2 digit multiplication or 3 digit addition/subtraction mentally. They need to be spoon-fed! Most of them are either afraid of Maths or hate it! Imagine hating such a beautiful subject…

Vishal Gupta Founder Paritraan Vedic Maths Formulae

So in the last two days I took 2 sessions of 2.5 hours each and now they have gained confidence and some of them have started liking Maths, I get the same feeling as I get when I convert a Naasthik (Atheist) into an Aasthik (Theist)!

Vishal Gupta Founder Paritraan Vedic Maths Session Students

The movie Spiderman had a really nice message – “With great power comes great responsibility!” And I believe being an Engineer its my responsibility to engineer a better society, a better India – A Better Future.

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