Friday, January 13, 2012

Those were the Best days of my Life (part-1) - Years 2004-2006 in Bangalore

Yeah, if I have to pick a couple of years of my life which I consider the best those will be the two years I spent in Bangalore for my PUC (Pre-University College Education) studies.

For those of you who are not familiar with the PUC system of Karnataka state, I'll try to explain in brief. PUC is equivalent to 11th + 12th standard also called Higher Secondary Education in some states in India. PUC system is one of the best education system in India. Its a mid-way between University and School life, though its much closer to the former.

And if you lucky enough to get admission in Sri Bhagwaan Mahaveer Jain Collge (also known as SBMJC), Bangalore you are going to love it.

I remember the welcome by Seniors on the first day. There was no ragging. There was fun. Seniors took our class for the 1st day, and it was the best I have had in my whole career. I have often met people who believe that ragging is acceptable to some extent and that ragging is necessary for students to open up. These people have these false notions because they have never seen the positive way in which the Seniors actually interacted with us and we all opened up! And you can't call that ragging coz 2 seniors can't rag 80 Juniors. That first day has always been and will always be registered in my memory.

I had lots of fun in Jain college, the faculty was simply awesome! Unlike the attitude problem I have seen with many Profs in the Northern Universities, most of the Profs and Lecturers were amazing. They were people who would inspire you. I do agree there were a few jack-asses there too, especially the Mathematics department was full of Idiots.

It was awesome to be part of the college when the likes of Robin Uthappa (International Cricketer), Pankaj Advani (World Snooker and Billiards Champion), Shikha Tondon (Olympics Swimmer) were studying there. Though they were doing Graduation. We sometimes got a glimpse or two, or if lucky enough got to chat with them. I remember the match I played alongside Uthappa under his captainship. I got a Chance since I was part of the U-16 Chhattisgarh Cricket team prior to joining Jain  College.

I remember the Spiritual Seminar by Prof K S Shantamani. I very well remember Prof. BT Venkatesh. I remember Computer Science HOD- Hari Sir. Prof Zabiulla, Hindi language teachers - Suma Mam, Maithli Mam, Swarnalatha Mam. I remember the HOD of the Chemistry department. I just can't remember the name. I remember Physics Prof- Kiran Sir.

I got such nice friends there - Sayad Rameez, Sharvan, Vinay, Vishwas Anand, Shashi Kanth, Phani Sushant, Rounak Sodhani, Ankit, Ranjini, Sahana, Richa (and the list goes on & on) which I miss these days. I have made a lot of friends after that (I got more than 1000 friends on FB list!) but you know 'Har Ek Friend Zaruri Hota Hai'

I fell in love with the city. Bangalore was like a dreamland for me, and it still is. If there is one city in India where I would like to settle down - its Bangalore.

And its pretty much my aim, that if I am not going for any post graduate studies I would take up a ob in Bangalore by the end of 2012. Delhi NCR is a great city but its not a wonderland like Bangalore.

This post will be followed by atleast 2 other posts. So keep an eye on my blog. I got lots to share.

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