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Welcome to the World of Magical Methods Training Pvt Ltd. – understanding the Magic of Vedic Mathematics.

Being an engineering Graduate, I have studied Mathematics deeply. From the Primary School Calculations to High School Algebra & Trigonometry; to Higher Secondary Calculus and Co-ordinate Geometry to Graduate Engineering Mathematics, I believe I have studied most of the branches of Mathematics being used as Applied Mathematics. And I must say that Mathematics though fascinating, is hard to comprehend at times.

I have been good at Mathematics from the very beginning. To say that I was just another topper with common topper-skills in mathematics will not do justice to the Shortcuts I developed for Integral and differential Calculus and presented to the Bangalore Science Forum when I was 15. Then in the final year of college I developed 5 novel algorithms to Multiply two Integers and also deduced the Hardware (ALU Design) for them to be used in Electronic Digital Devices.

The reason for my efforts was the fact that though I found Mathematics to be fascinating, I found it complex. I wanted to make it simple. My efforts led me to several books like Think Without Ink, Speed Mathematics, Puzzles from Shakuntala Devi. Then one day I read about Vedic Mathematics and I bought the book by its discoverer or rather the re-discoverer - Swami Barathi Krishna Tirathji Maharaj.

Swamiji believed that he deduced a total of just 11 Sutras (Formulae) and their Up-sutras (Corollaries) which cover the entire Mathematics ever known to the world. He claimed to find these formulae in one of the most Sacred scriptures in the Hindu Dharma known to the world as the Vedas. One of these Four Vedas contained Ganita Sutras [Ganita means Mathematics in Sanskrit/Hindi] which were revealed to Swamiji in his meditative state.

Only a few, at that time, could guess that these 11 Sutras (Formulae) were going to change the world for the better.

Swamiji published a book which was just a glimpse of Vedic Mathematics. The book simply introduced the 11 Sutras. It is also believed that Swamiji wrote 1 Book for each of the Sutras, however, they were claimed to be lost somehow, by Swamiji’s followers in a flood.

I have been studying and researching Vedic Mathematics for past 7 years. Vedic Mathematics has often overwhelmed me with wonder and awe and often stun me with its simplicity. Every time I study it, I am reminded of Einstein’s Quote – “Everything should be made as simple as possible; but not simpler!” And Vedic Mathematics does just that.

It was however, frustrating to me when I searched on Google about the current state of Vedic Mathematics. Its being taught in Foreign countries but not so much in India. We are still stuck with the western system of Education. I saw many websites claiming to teach Vedic Maths; many instructors teaching Vedic Maths. Though I am not biased towards any nationality, still I felt that this Indian Discovery should be carried forward by Indians. After all - its in our Blood, its in our DNA! India gave the world many important things – The Zero and hence the positional number system.

Einstein puts it somewhat like this – “We must be thankful to the Indians who taught us to count, without which any scientific discovery or invention would have been impossible!”

So I was pleased to encounter a Facebook page titled Magical Methods Training Pvt Ltd. I saw Mr Pradeep Kumar as the first Indian Commercial Instructor teaching Vedic Maths in India. I followed the facebook page, the website and the blogs. I also saw that he needed bloggers to spread his news, make people aware about the work he is doing and the results he is achieving. I was impressed, and that is when I decided to post a series of blog post for Magical Methods Training Pvt Ltd.

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I welcome you all to the World of Magical Vedic Mathematics!

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