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What you could gain from Magical Methods Training–The world of Magical Vedic Mathematics

In the previous article I gave a brief introduction about what is Vedic Mathematics and how it was re-brought into the world by Swami Bharati Krishna Tirathji Maharaj.

Like I wrote, I was impressed to finally see an Indian working on spreading Vedic Mathematics. I know he’s not the lone Indian neither Magical Methods Training is a lone organization working on Vedic Mathematics. Almost all Coaching institutes like Career Launcher and Erudite etc who give training for CAT/XAT/MAT or any aptitude and analytical exams teach bits and pieces of Vedic Mathematics to the aspirants. However, by the time a student is preparing for an MBA he is almost 21-22 years old and has 15 years of western education drilled into his brain.

If you try to pour Water on an already filled glass it usually overflows. That is what happens to these aspirants. They absorb only those techniques which help them solve the problems of their CAT or other exams. They fail to see and comprehend the depth, beauty and simplicity of Vedic Mathematics.

Only if Vedic Mathematics is being taught from the Primary Level would we be able to install the Operating System called “Vedic Maths” into our children’s Brain Computer!

You might wonder what good does Vedic Maths do and Western Education does not. After all, this system has been there for decades and produced so many engineers? You may be thinking that… However I am an Engineer and I know what stupid techniques and steps I had to follow to solve even the simplest of problems.

The Generation before our parents’ – by which I mean our Grandparents understood the importance of Mental and Practical Calculations. They did not have a Calculator or a Mobile phone to do the calculations from themselves. Indian Housewives of their generation though illiterate were better in Maths than an average student today!

Today even if we have to multiple 17 and 6 or convert Dollars to rupees we take out our mobile phones go to the calculator application, input the values and wait for the result. Without even realizing we are getting dumb day by day.

We have forgotten the fact that Calculator was invented to do heavy and cumbersome calculations. It was for accountants and people dealing with finances. It wasn’t meant to calculate that if you are buying 2.5 dozens of bananas at a cost of 14 per dozen then how much its going to cost you.

Vedic Mathematics uses simple formulae that can be used mentally, not only mentally but so fast that you would have the answer before you could write down 17*5 on a piece of paper. It not only saves time, it develops the analytical and decision making skills of an individual.

These are some of the reasons that should be enough to tell you the the importance of learning Vedic Mathematics. Not only learning Vedic Mathematics for yourself but also teaching it to the children – the next generation – the future.


Magical Methods Training - Mr Pradeep Kumar teaching to find cube roots


This is where Magical Methods Training come into picture. The work being carried out by Mr Pradeep Kumar is highly appreciative.


Magical Methods Training - Mr Pradeep Kumar listening to Parents Queries2

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