Friday, February 17, 2012

The Art of Blog Writing…

Blog writing is an art, just like painting, music, dance etc. So to understand the art of blog writing, you must know a bit about Art.

Art implies expression of emotions, thoughts and feelings – via words, music, dance etc. Words could be in written or in oral form. However, today, written communication has become more important than ever, you may ask me why – its because of increased use of Social Networks. Anyways.. but then art inherently implies creativity.

Creativity in the Art of blog writing means the following things:

  1. Structuring and organizing your thoughts.
  2. Writing it down in a presentable manner.
  3. Maintaining the flow of the article. Do not ever break the flow.
  4. Keep in mind the interest of the reader.

The best way is to imagine that you are nor writing an article on the subject but explaining it to a friend on Gtalk or the Facebook chat. That way when a reader reads your blog-post, he will find that you are speaking to him.

Did you really understand what I wrote above? I mean really? If not, then see this flow in which I have written this article… did you not feel like I am talking to you? Think about it!

If you felt I was talking to you, then I have achieved my purpose… if not then I will have to come up with something better in my next post. I really hope that you’ve understood the few points I made… Keep an eye on this blog for further tips.

Good luck for the February blog writing contest being organized by Magical Methods Training Pvt. Ltd.

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