Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Combo-convocation was organized by NIT Raipur for its past 3 batches

Though I share only a brief history with NIT Raipur, it was interesting nevertheless. Many of you might not be aware of the fact that I did not drop a year, instead I had joined NIT Raipur for a year and then left it when I got admission in BIT Mesra.

My maternal Grandfather [who retired as the Chief Executive Engineering in Public Work Department better known as PWD in Govt. Of C.G.] and my maternal aunt [who's working in Siemens R&D], both graduated from this same institute. At that point of time, it was referred to as Government Engineering College, Raipur or GEC Raipur.

NIT Raipur had acquired the status of NIT in the very same year - the year I joined as an undergraduate. It was its first year as NIT and there was chaos all around. My maternal aunt had asked me not to choose NIT Raipur as an option, however I was adamant of joining the institute as I was home-sick after spending 2 years in Bangalore. Stubborn, as I had been then, was keen on having my way. I wanted to take my own decisions.

Infact that decision came as a boon in disguise as I learnt  many things about life and finally joined BIT Mesra, with the branch of my choice, unlike in NITRaipur where I was forced to take up ENT - Electronics N Tele-Communications.

However, a few interesting facts came to my knowledge recently when I joined Samsung. A few students from NIT Raipur were selected by Samsung Software Engineering Lab Noida and they told me a lot about NIT Raipur and the amazing progress it made. I never would have imagined that it would make such a progress.

Just a week ago, I was having evening-snacks in the Samsung Cafeteria when one of the NIT Raipur passouts, Shruti, came my way. She told me a bit about things and then came up the topic of Convocation.

She told that NIT Raipur had organized a Combined convocation for its last 3 batches and NIT Raipur had not yet communicated any dates for the convocation. She felt that it may happen with their batch as well.  I did not try to verify this, since I trust her. However, this left me wondering for a fact that Combo-convocations are not so un-common in Universities.

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