Friday, February 10, 2012

February Blog Writing Contest by Magical Methods Training Pvt. Ltd.

Recently I won the Blog Writing Contest organized by Magical Methods Training Pvt. Ltd. It was a fun event and one of its kind. I really loved to participate in the contest.

By God’s grace, friends’ support, a bit of hard-work, and a little of luck I won the competition! A few of you have seen my status on Facebook and Tweets on Twitter regarding it. To tell you the truth, I was a bit sceptical about the promised award money and the fast announcement of the result. But unlike other contests, where there’s a lot of delay, I got a cheque of INR 2000/- and a Certificate of Appreciation within 3 days of announcement of the result.

I have been in personal contact with the Founder and Director of Magical Methods Training Pvt. Ltd.Mr Pradeep Kumar – (an IIM Bangalore alumnus) since the end of the contest.

Mr Pradeep told me that he has lots of ideas by means of which youngsters will be able to earn online working from home. One of which is the Blog Writing Contest which will probably be organized every month. The February Blog Writing Contest has already begun! For details and updates you are advised to follow the Facebook group for Magical methods or my Facebook Profile and my Twitter’s tweets.

The Prizes are as follows:

Winner (Certificate of Appreciation from Magical Methods + INR 2500/-),
1st Runner up (Recognition letter + INR 1000/-),
Second Runner Up (Recognition letter + INR 500/-)

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