Sunday, February 12, 2012

What is Life? - The biggest Mystery of Universe unlocked!

The Questions – "What is Life" and "What is the purpose of Life" have been mystery to the human race since time unknown.

I used to ask people specially elders in the family and the so called enlightened souls – the Saints, the prophets etc. but no one gave me a reply that could quench my thirst for the answer.

What is the meaning of Life

Today, I can gladly say that this most mysterious mystery of the Universe has been solved!! Really!

What is Life

Mystery - What is Life?

Answer by @Aasthik [that’s me] - Life is the Art of Scientific Management of Natural, Spiritual, Financial, Moral & Technical resources.


  1. Your view about life seems to be written just for "HUMAN LIFE". Life is vast topic, 'Humans' are just part of it. Also, what is "scientific management"? Appyling scientific view to life would make it dull and boring. Life isn't a commodity to be optimized by scientific practices. It is better left as random as it should be, kinda natural. Well, it's just my own view.

    1. My views are not written just for Human Life, my views are about Life from a human perspective! There is a big difference between the two.

      As a student of science and spirituality, I am an observer, a human observer, and I can only define/describe things wrt my standpoint [perspective]. I have no idea of how any animal or plant perceives things. How they communicate, if they have consciousness, only they know.

      Moreover, you think that applying scientific view to life makes it boring? Come on! Everything is Science "Vigyaan - Vishisht Gyaan".

      Even Krishna has told Arjuna that Gyaan [Knowledge] is everything. Knowledge is God! Without Scientific view Life [again from a human perspective] can not exist. Think about it. For example, take TIME, its a scientific concept. We keep track of time through clock/watches etc and thats how we work and evolve. Other examples are medicines, computers, mobile phones, how can you not apply scientific practices???

      Something as basic as discovery of fire and invention of wheel are scientific in nature. That is my view.

  2. The yogi with a gentle smile said: Life is like the Fragrance of a jasmine on the spring breeze.

    Rishi (rdias) :)