Monday, March 5, 2012

Bringing Smile on a Face...

On an evening walk, I heard some cries,
I saw a man, with tears in his eyes.
He sat there, with a gloomy face,
Happiness erased, without a trace.

I approached, I inquired
Irrespective of how hard I tried
He sat still, lost in thoughts
I feared his life was on a toss.

The Depressed Man...

My faith was shaken.. I asked God "Do you care?"
You left him alone, is that really fair?
God then answered my question:
"I just brought him to your attention!"

"Bring that 'thing' on his face,
A five letter world, all humans crave."
And I followed God's word.
Brought happiness to the man's world.

Everyone wanders, here and there
Searching a 'Thing' - precious & rare
That 'Thing' now stands revealed...
Its called “SMILE”, we all plead.

Co-Authored by: Manali Arora & Vishal Gupta.

Manali's 1st post in Aasthik.


  1. Welcome to Aasthik blogs :)
    Very heart touching piece of writing.....
    Keep it up :)

  2. You have the potential to be a great author...
    Can I have your autograph please?

  3. Good Work ... I loved the Lyrics ... Hope to see a lot of your posts in coming time ... keep updating :-)

  4. bful a person wid bful heart...and thoughts...

  5. bful someone wid bful heart..and bful thoughts...