Sunday, March 11, 2012

I have launched 4 new blogs, interested authors are invited to contribute.

Why another blog?? And 4 blogs? Are you insane? Will you be able to manage it? Whats the need? Aren't you overdoing it?

Well may be I am, but may be I am not. I'll never know unless I try! I think I'll be able to manage it, coz its God's initiative not mine.

I believe that Knowledge is everything, Knowledge is God. Ignorance is the cause of all the perceived troubles by every single creature. And today, Internet and blogs have made it easily accessible. You want an answer? You just type it in a Search Engine and it gets you the probable links. That's how we are working today. Wikipedia and other blogs have the same concept. Knowledge should and must be free and easily accessible to all those who seek it.

There are many projects that I had wanted to initiate, but then I couldn't initiate all. Some of which I could, like Paritraan, Microsoft Software & Technology Club India, the DreamSpark International Programming Contests and this blog - Aasthik have brought me satisfaction and I believed have been instrumental in bringing a few positives in the society.

People say when you die, you usually won't regret the things you did, rather you'll regret the things you wanted to do, still chose to postpone for some other time.I want to cut short this list as much as I can and hence, I have created 4 more blogs, in which I will be posting about various stuff.

I am inviting authors who would like to use these blogs, to contribute to the society, to create a Database of Knowledge, which will help those who seek it.

Following are the blogs I have created focusing on the different aspects and need of life:

1. Paritraan - A Social InitiativeAre you involved with any kind of Social Initiatives, Social Service? Are you connected with some NGO? Is your heart moved by the state of the underprivileged or the disabled? Would you like to bring a change? Then this blog is for you!

2. Discussing Science Engineering and TechnologyAre you a tech-enthusiastic? A tech-Geek? A true Science freak? Then this blog is for you!

3. Abhivyanjanaa - The Poetry Blog
Are you a poet and want to express your feelings and thoughts via Poems? Then this blog is for you.

4. Heroes in Our Lives
Have you been inspired by your friends, colleagues, seniors, family members? Do you think their Struggle and Success story needs to reach the world, then join me!

5. The Science of Religion & Dharma
Do you believe that Religion is just another name for Science? Do you believe that religious practices are based on scientific principles? Do you know something you would want the world to know? Then this blog is for you!

6. Faith And Superstition
Faith is the best thing you could have until it becomes Superstition. Would you like to enhance faith? Do you people to get out of Superstition? Then this blog is for you!

7. Jaagritee - Creating Awareness
Do you want to create any Social, Economical or Political Awareness? Are you influenced by the works of Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal? Then join me in creating awareness for the good of the society.

8. Parivartan - Bringing Positive Change and Development.
Do you respect the revolutionary works of greats like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Dale Carnegie, Sachin Tendulkar, and various NGOs and Social Workers, join me.

I would like to mention that many of the blogs have various authors - Akhil Ranjan, Amritesh Kumar, Zeeshan Zahid, Shraddha Chaparia, Nirav Chadda, Manali Arora. You could be one of these as well.

I will shortly be organizing some blog writing contests, and will have various - Gadgets like the Tablets as prizes. So guys gear up!

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