Monday, March 19, 2012

Professionally speaking Vishal Gupta is no longer a Software Engineer or any kind of engineer for that matter.

The following post was just a prank I played on my friends. Some of them already knew and helped me for it, while others actually believed I was fired by Samsung.

I wasn't fired. Infact, I was promoted and took a transfer. :D

The following post is fiction:

This post is just to inform my friends and colleagues that I have left my job at Samsung Software Engineering Lab Noida as a R&D Software Engineer [to be read as fired by Samsung]*.

So Professionally speaking I am no longer a "Software Engineer" or any "Engineer" for that matter.

For details visit my facebook profile.

If you have a job opportunity for me, or would like to help me. Please leave your e-mail ID so that I can forward my CV.

*conditions applied


  1. Hi vishal, i m following your blog from a while now and sorry to hear about your job. Samsung's loss.
    I am currently working at amazon Chennai as HR (Talent Acquisition) and we seem to have openings. Check your mail for details.
    -Deepa Mkumar

  2. sent at:
    from your fb page

  3. hi deepa, wasss ur mail looking for a job.

  4. hi deepa, wasss ur mail looking for a job.