Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rankings of Top Engineering Colleges in India.

One must not go by rankings of Engineering Colleges, institutes and universities by magazines and internet ever. Why? Read on...

When I had cleared AIEEE for the second time in the year 2007 [and IIT-JEE with a low rank], I was glad that I would be able to get out of NIT Raipur {which I had opted for in the year 2006}.

Just after the rankings were made available by the AIEEE committee, the hunt for getting into the premium institutes began. I began looking for the Engineering College rankings just like every other engineering aspirant.

Even at that age, I found many ambiguities in the rankings. I went on to compare the rankings of Outlook, India Today and DataQuest and voila - they all varied like hell. That time I did not know the reasons for that, but now I do know.

Luckily, I just dint go by the rankings [but, I have to agree that the rankings had had their impact on me already.] rather checked out forums and official college websites and wikipedia.  Indeed the 3 NITs from the south - Trichy, Warangal and Surathkal [my home NIT, since I did my +2 from Bangalore] were the most sought after. BIT Mesra was competing very closely.

My maternal aunts wanted me to study in South, but I chose to join BIT Mesra instead, mainly because I wanted only CSE or IT and at my ranking BIT Mesra could give me that. I was registered at NIT Raipur as an ECE student, and in one year, I had known that ECE, EEE, Mech or any other branch is not for me! I took IT in BIT Mesra.

The decision was one of the best decisions I ever made. BIT Mesra had scope for growth and personality development [when I write that, I don't mean supporting environment, rather a challenging and troubling environment.]. BIT Mesra taught me to cope up with every situation and every hurdle and come out victorious. I taught me how to fight against the system and change the system. And that is exactly how the following were born:

1. Microsoft Software Technology Club, India
2. Paritraan - A Social Revolution
3. DreamSpark Professional Programming Contests

Coming to the point these rankings are misleading. They simply list the colleges without mentioning which colleges they did not include for the rankings, the exact factors, the procedure for rankings etc.

Many good colleges are not listed while many Private colleges and universities get a high rank - much more than they actually deserve. [May be the magazines are paid for rankings? Eh? What say, mate?]

So how to decide which college is better?

First of all you need to understand that it makes only a little difference if you join IIT Kanpur or Delhi or Mumbai or Kharagpur.  Same can be said for NIT Surathkal, Trichy, Warangal.

However, Kanpur and Kharagpur will give you excellent academic environment while IIT Mumbai and Delhi will help in overall personality development and Life Skills. Depends on what kind of person you are!

But, you can never compare IIT Patna or IIIT Rajasthan with IIT Delhi. These new colleges need time to evolve. Same goes for lower NITs like Raipur, Silchar etc. They cannot be compared with NIT Surathkal, Warangal or Trichy or Allahabad or BIT Mesra.

Bangalore's colleges like RVCE, Bangalore Institute of Technology and especially P.E.S. IT can be said to be competing with middle NITs like Bhopal, Durgapur, Jamshedpur. This is because of the location of Bangalore, and the opportunity it provies.

Also, extension centers should not be thought of the same level as the parent college. For example, BITS Pilani is much better than BITS Pilani's Hyderabad and Goa campuses. Similarly BIT Mesra's main campus at Ranchi is far ahead of its extension centers at Lalpur, Jaipur, Patna etc and even at its overseas centers in Muscat, Bahrain, Mauritius etc.

The extension center students may not like this, but my personal experience tells me that, for a fact, the main campus students have higher IQ, much more talented and skilled than their extension center counter-parts in general. They also develop their personality in those 4 years of engineering.

Exceptions however, occur everywhere and this case of Extension Centers is no different. Many a times, a couple of students are really talented. But then again, the best BITian Main Campus students are much more skilled and talented than the best of the Extension center students. They really cannot be compared. Though I wish that this changes in future, for its the competition that determines the rate of progress.

To conclude, try to get into IITs, NITs, BITs or the likes of them. Just in case you don't get admission there, life's NOT over for you. Try to get admission in the best college in your region of choice. Try metro cities. Bangalore is a good place for the same.

If at all you have to take admission in other colleges, then guys and gals, don't take it easy. Work hard for you will be facing a lot of competition.


  1. Excellent publish from specialist also it will probably be a fantastic know how to me and thanks very much for posting this useful data with us all.

  2. Thanks @niklank.

    To be honest, I do not consider myself to be a specialist. I just put forward my opinions. I also noticed, I forgot to mention IIITs. A blunder!