Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Social Netwoking help Social Workers generate funds for Books and Clothes for the Underprivileged.

Social Networking has been both - a curse and a blessing. A few believe that its spoiling the teenagers while others believe its the best way of Promoting a good cause, socializing, marketing, staying connected etc.

But now, Social Networks are being used by Social Workers, NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs [People running Not-for-Profit Organizations for a Social cause.] not only to promote their activities but also to generate funds. These funds are then used for buying books and clothes and other necessities for the underprivileged and the disabled.

Social Networking has immense potential to get like minded individuals together, this is done by various means - blogs, Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Digg, Facebook Groups etc. When I started Paritraan, I used Social Networks to their full potential. I was alone when I went to school to teach the first day. By 3rd day, I had the company of my best friends - Akhil Ranjan and Amritesh Kumar.

By 5th day, I had added Abhishek Sadany, Prof. Anup Kumar Keshri, Zeeshan Zahid, and Avinash Kumar. Then the juniors followed with many of my batch-mates and seniors.

What did I do? I simply took pics of the sessions I took, and uploaded them on Facebook. That's all it took.

If you would like to contribute, your Facebook Likes, Blog Comments, Digg Likes, Tweets can help us generate funds. How? Here's what you have to do:

1. You have to click on this link The Journey of Paritraan.
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Leave a comment.
3. At the top of the Page, there are 4 buttons - Digg, Facebook Like, Tweet and Facebook Share.
4. You need to sign to Facebook, Twitter and/or Digg to contribute. Then Like it, Share it, Tweet it, and Digg it.

In case you are in a corporate environment where security policies do not allow you to visit social networking sites [for obvious reasons] please use the comments in the blog. You can Like, Share and tweet about it when you are using your personal net. To get to the article, you can either visit my blog i.e. www.aasthik.com or simple use Google to search for "the journey of paritraan", the very first result will be the article.

This article was a part of Article Writing competition organized by another Not-for-Profit Organization called TechAloo [their official Facebook page- www.facebook.com/techaloo] dedicated at promoting Social Entrepreneurship.

The article "The Journey of Paritraan" has won the first round. For the second round we need more Facebook likes, Shares, Digg, Tweets and TechAloo Comments. This will help us win Rs. 3000/- which will be used to buy books and clothes for children.

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