Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Symbian and iPhone won, while a few Galaxies lost to Windows Phone - Nokia Lumia 800

IIT Delhi recently organized its Annual Fest - Tryst 2012. Many corporate giants sponsored the event and Microsoft was one of them. Microsoft Student Partners were called to help the professionals and engineers from Microsoft - India Development Center, who had come for the event.

IIT Delhi Annual Fest Tryst 2012

As a sponsor Microsoft had set up some stalls for two things-
  1. Xbox and Kinect Demo
  2. Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge

If you see closely Microsoft prefers Samsung's LCDs ;)
 In their Kinect & Xbox demo, any participant could try out the game. Needless to say, it was an awesome experience for people who tried it for the first time. Even professors came and asked how does it work - how is the image processing carried out.

The Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge was a unique and peculiar contest. The contest invited challengers who could select 3 out of 5 things things they has listed out and compete with a Microsoft Student Partner or  a professional from Microsoft India Development Center with their respective phones. The Microsoft people were using Nokia Lumia 800 while you could use any phone you had. It was to prove that Windows phone is the fastest phone till date.

If you won, you'd get Microsoft goodies -
  1. Laptop Bag
  2. A Zip Bottle
  3. A Windows Phone T-shirt

The Official Smoked by Windows Phone Poster by Microsoft India Development Center.

But if you lost:
  1. You would have to stand with a board in your hands that read "Smoked by Windows Phone" [ just like a Criminal is photographed! ]
  2. You would have speak your name and model of your phone and say that you lost it to Windows Phone.
  3. This act will be recorded using a Video Recorder and snap-shots would be taken.
  4. These video recordings and snap-shots will be used for promotion for Windows Phone.
To avoid/minimize legal issues, candidates volunteering to compete, had to sign a form by Microsoft, that read "I agree to the following conditions:........................................."

Many people lost to the Windows Phone that included various models from Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Micromax. Most of these models weren't actually Smartphones and it was a unfair competition. But then there were many Smartphones that lost - including many Galaxies.

It is to be noted that, the contest was not only about how fast the phone is, but also about how much you know your phone and how fast you are - at using it !!

The owner of iPhone4s defeated Nokia Lumia 800

What I found interesting is that Microsoft openly acknowledged its defeat to iPhone and Symbian and put up those pics in Facebook. I never really expected them to be this honest!!

I came to know about the contest only after I had reached IIT Delhi. I was tempted to participate but at the same time, I was a bit nervous. It was a question of prestige, after all I was then a Software Engineer in Samsung. [Now, I have shifted to HR team ;) ]

But, when I told Microsoft IDC professionals that I wanted to participate, they told me that conditions will be modified for me.. since:
1. I was a Microsoft Student Partner from 2008-2011
2. I was a Software Engineer in Samsung R&D.

If I were to lose, I would have to mention along with my name and phone - that - I was a Microsoft Student Partner and an R&D Engineer in Mobile Platform.

You know the best part - I had a Symbian Phone -  Nokia 701 - the latest Symbian offering from Nokia, launched in October. The OS is called Symbian Belle.  Needless to say, its one of the best phones [yeah I know you think of me as a fool to buy a Symbian phone instead of android, but then you never tried Symbian Belle, have you?]

PrintScreen of the pic uploaded by Microsoft India Development Center

I actually defeated Nokia Lumia 800 with my Nokia 701, and received goodies from Microsoft and respect from the current Microsoft Student Partners. Its worth mentioning that Nokia Lumia 800 was launched in the market with MRP approx 29,900/- while Nokia 701 was launched with MRP approx 19,900/-

Microsoft actually uploaded the pics in their official Facebook page :)

The Goodie Bag I got from Microsoft India Development Center!

I asked them if I could participate again using any of the galaxy phones from my friends - like Galaxy R, Galaxy S2, or Galaxy Note. They did not allow :(

Many people with phones that had the potential to defeat the Windows Phone lost out. Some people competed with Galaxy Pop, Fit, S, Ace but lost. A couple came with Nokia C7, with Nokia Belle Update installed, tried 3 times and lost!! I was surprised, I had the same OS. They could have won.

To conclude, people just buy these phones because of the trend, but they don't really know how to use it.


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