Friday, March 16, 2012

Whenever Sachin scores a century India loses - Myth or reality?

For all those who say whenever Sachin scores century India loss!

I say "is he really responsible for the loss?"

Lets go through these stats.

Till date he has scored 100 centuries (51 test+ 49 1day )
Out of these 100 centuries India won 74 and lost 26.
26 looks big but again i ask is he really responsible for these losses?

lets proceed further
18 out of 26 centuries came while batting first, so its quit clear that for those 18 centuries other batsmen who were not able to score and bowlers who didn't bowl well are more responsible (but here i want to say that its a team game, individuals are not responsible for team loss).

now 26-18= 8
Now lets see these 8 centuries-
Out of these 8 centuries 5 were in test. But the question is "can one person win a test match?”
No not at all he tried his best but when other don't click that's not his fault.
8-5= 3

now it comes to 3 centuries in which India lost while lets see some stats of these 3 matches

1) 1998, India vs Australia, Sharjah

Sachin scored 143 runs while chasing a target of 276 (46 overs), India made 250/5 (46 overs) and the second highest score of Indian inning was 35.......and few say that India lost because of him......this was his heroic inning due to which India was in the finals.

2) 2004, India Vs Pakistan, Rawalpindi

Sachin scored 141 runs while chasing a mammoth total of 330, India made 317/10 (48.4 overs) and the second highest score of Indian inning was 37 (it was by extras, not by any batsman), when Sachin got out India's score was 245/4 (38.4 overs), now 85 run in 11.2 overs with 6 wickets in hand its was not impossible to chase this target??

But Indian batsmen were not able to complete this task and few say that India lost because of him?

3) 2009, India vs Australia, Hyderabad

Sachin scored 175 while chasing another mammoth total of 351, India made 347/10 (49.4 overs) and the second highest score of Indian inning was 59(not enough to chase such a huge total) and few say that India lost because of him...pathetic!

Again here I want to say that cricket is a team game, team wins and team losses not Individuals.

Thank you Sachin for giving us such wonderful made us proud at many occasions.  You are our superhero.

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  1. Felt really good reading this.. He is actually master of the game.