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FAQs about Jobs at Samsung Software Engineering Lab (part 1)

Disclaimer: This post is not an official post by Samsung or SEL. This post represents my understandings and opinions. I am not responsible for any harm or damage that may occur by reading this post. The answers given here are true to the best of my knowledge, but you know, To Err is Human, so in case of any errors do let me know. 

To understand how to get jobs at Samsung Software Engineering Lab, Noida - you need to understand what is SEL and the work you'll doing if selected at SEL.

What is Software Engineering Lab, Noida?
Samsung is World Number 1 Conglomerate. Samsung has various industries under its name like:
1. Samsung Electronics
2. Samsung Heavy Industries
3. Samsung Chemicals
4. Samsung Ship Building etc.

Samsung's Software Engineering Lab, Noida is a part of Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the 25 Global R&D centers of Samsung.

SEL was established in 2007 as Samsung's Testing Excellence center. It also got the name of Samsung Noida Mobile Center - SNMC. In 2009, SEL started working on its first Development Project.

What other R&D centers are there in India?
Apart from Samsung Software Engineering Lab, Noida the other R&D centers include:

1. Samsung India Software Center, Noida, a.k.a. SISC - it works on Digital Media Products
2. Samsung India Software Operations, Bangalore, a.k.a. SISO - it works on all major Electronics software

How does SEL [Software Engineering Lab, Noida] differ from other R&D centers in India?
Though each R&D center reports to the Samsung Head Quarters and is part of Samsung, each R&D center is unique in its own way.

SEL works specifically in Samsung's Mobile Platforms - both FeaturePhones and SmartPhones.

What kind of products have been developed by SEL?
There are various world famous products that have been developed by SEL jointly with SISO and a few other R&D Centers across the globe. We have developed products not only for India, but for American Sub-continent, Europe, Middle East etc.

We work on Android as well as Bada and Windows Phone. We also develop many FeaturesPhones.

Can you name some of the products that have been developed by SEL?
Jointly with SISO and other R&D Centers SEL has developed many world class products. To name a few:
1. Samsung Galaxy S2
2. Samsung Galaxy Note
3. Samsung Galaxy Tab
4. Samsung Galaxy S+
5. Samsung Galaxy Ace+
6. Samsung Galaxy R
7. Samsung Wave
8. Samsung Wave 2

Name a few products developed independently by SEL.
SEL has developed many products independently. To name a few:
1. Samsung Chat 222
2. Samsung Chat 322
3. Samsung Champ
4. Samsung Guru
5. Samsung Metro Duos
6. Samsung Star Duos

7. Last but not the least, Samsung Primo - a 3.5G phone with 5MP Camera and other awesome apps [including the famous ChatON app] available for just Rs 6,200/- was developed by SEL.

On a personal note, I was one of the Engineers who worked on Samsung Primo and received the Global Samsung President Award 2011 for Samsung Primo. Later on I also worked on an additional feature on the same platform.

SEL recruits for which positions?
SEL recruits for various technical profiles, including:
1. Software Engineers (R&D)
2. White Box Test Engineers (R&D)
3. Black Box Test Engineers
4. Associate Engineers

How can I apply at SEL?
The majority of hiring is done OnCampus. We visit various Campuses across the country including IITs, NITs, BITs, BITS, IIITs and other top universities and premier Universities throughout the year. Joining is usually in June-July.

Only CSE/IT branches from BE/BTech and ME/MTech and MCA are eligible for the OnCampus placements as of now.

OffCampus is done only when OnCampus is finished and we still have requirements. Usually starting in August. For OffCampus, we also allow ECE and EEE students.

Lateral Hiring is also done every month. If you have relevant experience in Mobile Platforms you can apply at


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  2. what is the future scope for a software engineer??in SEL of course..

  3. what is the future scope of a s/w engineer in SEL?

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