Friday, April 13, 2012

Samsung SEL Quarterly magazine has the Name I proposed - vShine !

Samsung's Software Engineering Lab a.k.a. SEL, launched the first edition of its Quarterly Magazine today.

It was launched by none other than the Managing Director of SEL - Dr. Jason Kwak.

The best part is - The Magazine has THE NAME I proposed. Its called

Earlier I had suggested a few names. Then when I was helping Manali with suggestions, I realized I missed a good one - SELShine. So I asked Manali to submit it.  And it was accepted by majority!

Later on the HR team felt that SEL's magazine should not contain SEL in the name. So I proposed two options iShine and vShine. v for WE and of-course for Vishal ;)

vShine was accepted and now today its inaugral edition was launched at the Monthly meeting :)

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