Sunday, May 6, 2012

From now on I am Assistant Manager in Samsung.

Tonight, is just like another night – its beautiful. But then every night is special. Today’s speciality is the Big Moon! It’s 8% bigger than normal days, because the moon today is 8% closer to Earth.

However, there are a few other specialities tonight. One being, that I have now been promoted to Assistant Manager in Samsung. I knew about this coming change, but I was waiting till I get the official Letter from Samsung, and now that I have received it, I am sharing with you all.

Within a span of 10 months I am now an Assistant Manager. Its an indirect Double Promotion [not in terms of money but in terms of Designation, especially when I do not have an MBA degree and I had not even completed one year in Samsung - as was the requirement for the Internal Job Posting.] I did not prepare for CAT or GMAT, I did not want to go for IIMs or XLRI or anything like that. I'd never thought of being a Manager. But in my final year at BIT Mesra, I began to realize that I like organizing events, I like Managing events, I like to be a leader, I want to be in the league of policy makers, the decision takers. I did not have MBA, but all my extra curricular activities helped a lot. The Microsoft Student Partner Program helped a lot. It helped me develop my presentation skills, my speaking skills. I know I am not complete or perfect,  but I am better than what I was before I joined the MSP Program.

I don’t have an MBA degree or a PGDM, but I am a Manager.That is something really good about Samsung. I have always believed that more than Degree you need potential and talent to achieve something, to do something. I am thankful to the management at Samsung who recognized my talent and I am glad to be the only one from R&D who got selected for Internal Job Posting although more than a dozen had applied for the post. I was surprised to see applications from many seniors – Senior Software Engineers, Lead Engineers and even Chief Engineers had applied for the post, but by being honest, and by God’s grace I got this opportunity.

I think of this job not as an achievement, but as an opportunity to do something better for this organization called Software Engineering Lab, Samsung. And to make a difference in the lives of so many other students as well.

I am here to make a difference to their lives. I am here to make the process better by whatever means possible. I am here because I realized that my job is not to develop software, but to develop the future of India.

You may think that all this was too easy. But it is never like that. I have come to understand and appreciate the work of even a Cobbler, because if not for him, we would face problems. Think about the Sweeper, and Rickshaw-puller and the Tailor – do you think their contribution is lesser than that of an engineer or a doctor?  If you do, then you are wrong my friend. Every job is important and every person is a Hero of his life. He has faced his own struggles and come out victorious many times. Sometimes he has swallowed the poison called Failure, but he learned and fought back. Its about seeing that Hero in every individual.

It was a major decision for me. I had to decide between trip to Korea and joining the Recruitment team. It was a major decision, people told me I would earn more on the technical front. I was advised to apply for various other organizations. Many of my friends were getting hefty packages in Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google etc. Even for a few moments I was lured by the package that these Giants offered.

But I chose otherwise. Was I Right or was I wrong, only TIME will tell. But I know it was a voice from my soul, that told me to go this way and I went. I may not have a hefty salary as my technical counterparts in the future, I many not get the so called OnSite Opportunities, but then I love my India, and I am glad to be able to make a difference.

You might be wondering what difference I am talking about? Well, from this position I can do a lot of things. This time I added a number of colleges to the list of Recruitment. I have already hired 96 Associate Engineers from 6 colleges that were not in the list of Samsung. Also, the students from these colleges were better and atleast of the same IQ as that of other college students we regularly visit.
Hiring Process at Government Polytechnic Sundernagar

I do not take pride in hiring 96 Associate Engineers, but I do take pride in these 96 Associate Engineers. Next time when you hold a Samsung mobile in your hand may be a Galaxy S4 or a Galaxy S5, you’d be holding the hardwork of these Associate Engineers. They are going to be an integral part of the Samsung Family, and they are the ones going to make a difference in people’s lives – your lives through their contributions. They are amongst the many Unsung Heroes in our Lives.

This journey has been an amazing experience. Being interested in Psychology makes it ever more interesting. Dealing with people is always better than dealing with machines. After all God created humans not machines. His creations are any day better and marvellous than what Humans have created.

To love people, is to worship God, is to Love God.

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