Saturday, May 26, 2012

Internal Job Posting - the beauty in Samsung Software Engineering Lab Noida

Disclaimer: This blog-post, just like every other in my blogs, is a personal one, based solely on my understandings and thoughts.

Internal Job Posting or IJP as its often referred to, is one of the best things about Samsung's Software Engineering Lab. I think it is very important for any organization to have such programs where employee could get a job that he loves.

You may think that I am saying this because I shifted to HR - Recruitment Team, by IJP. Well, if you think that way, let me tell you - you are RIGHT! As I wrote in the disclaimer, this blog is a personal one.

Moreover, what is wrong if I appreciate the organization I work for and a program that's helped me to grow?

Anyways, continuing on the Main topic of IJP, I have seen IJPs for HR Team, for Information & Network Security personnel,  for Web Developers etc. Think about it! Think about the options you can explore.

Whats good about it? Well everything. As a fresher, students do not have much options. Most of the companies come for one and only one profile or at max three. And they have some strict criteria. Even if an engineering student wants to work as Network Administrator, he usually takes up a Software Engineer or a Software Developer profile! Why? There are a few reasons - the brand of the company, the salary they offer and of-course there's no guarantee of the job-profile the students is interested in. But then, he's stuck with that particular profile for the rest of his life, until he gets an IJP.

IJP is beneficial not only for the employee but for the organization as well. For any person to be 100% productive, he should be in a job he loves. That way, he gives his 100% to his job, and hence the 100% to the organization, and hence helps the organization to grow, and in turn the organization provides the employee an opportunity and a space to grow.

So personally I think, I was really to get an IJP, in the job that I knew I would love and enjoy, and I am!

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