Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rambhau Eknath Rote - The best corporate mentor I have had so far.

I have planned to write this post for long. And I know I am late. But the time has come now.

Samsung SEL India, has given me lots of happy memories and treasured moments. I feel fortunate to join Samsung SEL India, in a batch of some of the most brilliant minds of India - the SEL R&D Engineers Batch 2011. The fortune continued as I got to work for the SGP-Phonebook team under the guidance of many senior members like Kalyan Srinivas, Pankaj Singh, Deepak Gour, Ravi Gupta, Karnam Vineeth, Samit Mohanty, Gagandeep Virk, Nikita Gupta.

The SGP Phonebook Team Partying together...

How good a team is - is determined by one major factor - how good the Team Leader is! And my Team-Leader turned out to be Rambhau Eknath Rote. He hails from a town near Shirdi. He's married to Shubhangi Dan Rote.

Now before you think that I am being biased here, there's something you should know, Ram Sir got the Annual Best Team Leader award by Samsung SEL India on the occasion of Annual Day 2011 which is celebrated on the foundation day of Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

When I joined the team, Ram Sir was a Senior Chief Engineer, and by the time I left, he had been promoted to Development Manager. As I wrote earlier, I had planned to write about him earlier, but could not, for some or the other reason, and today a 10 minute meeting with him, forced me to do so.

So what are the qualities that make him special? Here are a few of them, [since 8-9 months is too less time to know all the special qualities of a person fully] -

  1. He always cares for his juniors. Anytime I came back from a Sick-leave, he never forgot to come to me and ask about my health.
  2. He always backs-up his juniors. Even if we made some mistakes and any HOD or Senior Development Manger was angry at us, he tried his best that the employees are safe. He even got a few scoldings [ by which I mean professional scoldings] in place of us, for the mistakes we committed. I have seen it myself. 
  3. He is one of the few Team Leaders who lead from the front. He comes to offices on most Saturdays and Sundays, whenever he can.
  4. He creates and maintains unity in the team. He makes sure every one has equal opportunities and equal work-load. 
  5. He treats every junior with professional respect.
  6. He not only listens to queries and problems of his sub-ordinates but also takes steps to address and solve them.
  7. He comes very early and stays late. He's punctual and disciplined. 
  8. At one point of time, he was heading 9 projects other than handling our team. That gives an idea of his Managerial Skills.
  9. I remember I had repeated a stupid mistake 3 times, and the way he treated me, he never raised a voice, took me to a room, and asked so softly the reason for my mistake. I was a bit afraid. I could see he was angry, but he did not really say much. But then I made a point never to disappoint him.
  10. I told him that I wanted to work on more development projects and he told me that he would give me the next one that comes, and he fulfilled his promise. 
  11. I even approached him to rewrite some big pieces of codes in two files. He was reluctant at first, [thinking that I might mess up things] but then when I finished the modification with Manali's help and with the guidance of senior members - Kalyan Sir, Deepak Sir, Ravi Sir, he finally allowed me to make those changes.
  12. He provided an environment where we all clicked and worked as a TEAM. Unlike other teams, the mutual feeling was of Co-operation rather than Competition. 
  13. Though he wants to work technically, his managements skills are too good and the organization is giving him more of Managerial work [referring to his new post of Development Manager] 
  14. To conclude, he indeed is the best Team Leader. 

The most important part - once we team mates were talking about Ram Sir, and Deepak Sir mentioned - Vishal these days Ram Sir is overloaded with work. You've seen getting him angry on few occasions, earlier, before your joining, he used to be even more jollier and friendly and available. Hearing these words, I told Deepak Sir - "Really? I never thought it could get any better than this!"

Oh yeah, and  a few things I forgot to mention, he loves adventures and is a passionate photographer.

If every Team-Leader is like him, Software Industry will be a Heaven for Engineers and Developers.


  1. He is not just a good Team Leader but perfect in each role. Because of his support and guidance only, I am able to do something in my life. He is perfect life partner.

  2. Actually, I totally agree with this one :) :)