Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Social Networks and The Success Factor.

These are strange times. Times in which we are undergoing a massive philosophical, social, cultural, economical, spiritual, technological - all kinds of changes. What's striking, is the rate of change.

Today, I would like to talk about one of the most important influencer in my generation - its Facebook.

Facebook and other social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ have become an inherent part of life of my generation. Its an instrument like any other - with the power to create and the power to destroy.

I am a regular Facebook user, but I would not call myself a Facebook addict. There are a lot of reasons, we are using Facebook. For example, for me Facebook is an awesome resource-

1. To reach out to people and understand their views.
2. To get in touch with the buddies and the relatives.
3. To get a few doses of Humor from the Awesome Jokes Pages.

But there are other:
1. To share my views and opinions.
2. To use Facebook as a tool to do my job efficiently.

Apart from the reasons stated about there is one more, the most important one-
To stay updated about latest info regarding tech, gadgets, competitions, events etc.

This is the kind of logic everyone would come up with. There may be a couple of changes, a few removals and a few additions, but no one will point to the CORE reason.

Most of us will not even think about it. It is inherently built into us in a way that we cannot even fathom it. The reason is 'Success Factor'!

Having an interest in Psychology, Spirituality and Meditation has opened lots of locks for me. I have understood the power of the untapped human potential, and have seen glimpses of it. But then I also learnt a bitter truth, what do you think a human mind craves the most??


Think about it!

For some its money, for others its sex, for other its power, for some a celebrity status, and yet for many like Anna Hazare, Kejriwal, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, etc its Social Service.

But all these are just the projections or shadows of the innermost desire of the human mind. The ultimate desire of the human mind is the desire to feel important! 

Don't believe me? Read Karl Jung or Sigmund Freud - the fathers of Psychology. Read Dale Carnegie or Leil Lowndes or read religious scriptures - they all tell you one thing, the ultimate desire is the desire to feel important. 

This desire reflects in many ways - the desire to be loved, the desire to be cared [remember yourself as a child?], the desire to be respected!

Everybody wants to be Somebody! Everybody wants to be Successful.

This is the reason why Facebook is has succeeded so much. The number of likes and comments you get on a post, a note, a check-in, or on a pic makes you feel important. It satisfies your basic human necessity.

Now the Social Networks are based on the same logic, they exploit our desire to be Successful. But then in the process we have lost meaning of Success. Success is being measured in terms of the package that a person has or the Position he/she holds or the Educational Institute he/she is attending.

I have myself posted many statuses on facebook and cherished and savored the taste of success by publicizing about it. Its natural human tendency. But this very tendency is the reason of all our troubles. And Spirituality and Religious Scriptures talk about overriding this natural tendency, so that we can focus on our 
goal and work to achieve it;  rather than getting distracted by small achievements in the way to the Goal.
This basic human necessity is like thirst. You need water when you are thirsty. Similarly people need to be felt important. But today, we criticize more than we appreciate. I just ask you to do one thing, bite your tongue when you are going to criticize someone; on the other hand, be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise. Never ever miss an opportunity to appreciate, and soon you'll see how many people love you!

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