Friday, June 1, 2012

Shame on my generation.

This post is about me, you, in fact every one of us.

I believe in positive thinking, the secret and lots of other stuff. The aim of my writings has always been about inspiring people, to motivate them. But it seems that its not enough. Just like a sour medicine is needed sometimes to heal, its time I think we all need this rebuke.

I have often used Humor to get my message across, but today I want to look into the eyes of my friends, colleagues, people around me and say - "Please stop it! Its enough!"

I mean what has really happened to all of us? The changes I have seen in the past decades are heart-breaking. Why have we become so selfish and careless?

Today all we care about is - getting a better salary, a better organization, a better rating. Most of us do not want to work at all and reap the benefits of job. Its all about me, me & me!

I am ashamed to be a part of the generation that has no time to listen to others, a generation that is totally absorbed in sensual pleasures, a generation that has forgotten that there's something called a Society, there's something called as 'Duties of a Citizen'.

We all want to be successful, and what is success - Having a 7 digit income, a business trip, or job in the so called developed nations. We all want that, but at what cost? There's nothing wrong in having ambitions, I have ambitions too, and its not that I won't try for a better salary or a better job, but the point is  - IS THAT ALL?

All we will do is post cartoons and status about petrol price hike, Bhaarat Band, Poverty line etc. We blame the government for everything. But is it all Government's fault?

Most youngsters today need a bike, what is wrong with a  bicycle?  Why are we trying to show-off? Most professionals are using cars. Most professionals drive their cars to offices everyday. Seriously? Do you really need a car to drive to Office everyday?

Students can use bicycle but they are using bikes and professionals can use company transport and bikes but they are using cars. In the worst case, even students are using cars!

We are exhausting natural resources without thinking about the consequences and then we blame the government for the price-hike!

We have become emotionless robots. And that's why I say - Shame on my Generation.


  1. i feel the same Mr. Vishal Gupta
    the govt is not faulty everywhere but people also contribute to it.
    why they elect some one who is corrupt???
    dont giv votes to them but most of the peoples dont know the "power of vote".
    every thing from spiritual to humanity ,education to professionalism,
    food to lifestyle, every thing is corrupted by this type of thinking( me , me, me...).

    1. Exactly Kuldeep! People need to take responsibility. Its high time we stop abuse of the society and the environment. We need to be more civilized.