Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Beginning: Understanding The Mobile Technologies Part-1

I started this blog to create a database of knowledge for people who seek answers. I have been associated with Samsung's Mobile R&D Center known as the Software Engineering Lab, India,  for past 2 years and previously with Microsoft as a Microsoft Student Parter 2009-2012. I  have learned quite a lot about Mobile Technology - not by training - but by individual effort and by utilizing the opportunities that were made available to me.

I have planned to write a series of blog-posts about Mobile Technologies. However, these blog-posts are simple and elegant answers for common questions. You won't find any of Samsung's or Microsoft's trade-secrets (if you are looking for one :P ). Moreover, these blog-posts are going to be about Mobile Technology in general not just about Samsung or Microsoft products.

So here are few of the blog-posts, i.e., the articles I am going to cover:

What is hacking w.r.t. Mobile Devices?
What is Firmware?
What is Flashing?
What is Rooting?
What is Jail Breaking?
and so on....

Hope you learn and enjoy the articles. Any feedback whether positive or negative are welcome. I would really love to learn from your experiences and my mistakes.

However, you need to understand that everything on this blog represents my interpretation and understandings and you are free to have your own opinion. Also, my interpretation and/or understanding might be wrong or at the very least a bit off-course in a few cases. Though, I try my best to make sure about the accuracy of my posts, I am human - just like you (I sincerely assume you are one :P), and hence prone to mistakes. I know for sure, I am not God (only He is free from mistakes) :)

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