Thursday, August 23, 2012

Microsoft has a new Logo - Its more like Windows than Flags Now!!

A change that brought lots of changes. Microsoft started the tiles design with Zune then used it in Xbox.
Then Microsoft brought a change in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango and called the look "Metro UI". That Metro UI has brought more changes in Microsoft, then even the Big Daddies of Microsoft would have anticipated.

Recently the Windows Operating system was redesigned in the Metro Style and even most of its Software were too - most important one being the Office Suite including Outlook.

Recently Microsoft renamed Metro UI to Modern UI, and as of today, articles are being shared on the internet that after 25 years Microsoft has a new logo.

So here's it:

The New Microsoft Logo

This logo resembles Windows more right?? The earlier one seemed to be like a Flag. ;)

The Following article was published on Tech Crunch:
Microsoft has a new look. The company just took the wraps off its new corporate branding. Replacing previous logo is a staunch, four pane colored window very reminiscent of the grid layout scheme found in Microsoft’s latest products. Microsoft is also spelled in a simple, bond font — mostly likely Segoe.
The new grid clearly reflects Microsoft’s latest design language started first with the Zune and later adapted by the Xbox 360, Windows Phone and most recently, Windows 8. It’s clean, simple, and also like Windows 8, most people will probably hate it.

The symbol in the new logo should look familiar. It’s likely the merger of the Microsoft Store logo with Window 8′s.

The outgoing logo was 25 years old. This new version, Microsoft’s fifth corporate logo in 37 years, is the first to incorporate a symbol alongside Microsoft’s name. Previous editions simply spelled out Microsoft. As noted by the The Seattle Times, this latest version includes a subtle nod to the original 1975-1979 logo by connecting the F and the T.

Microsoft is attempting to turn the page on its past and move forward into a new chapter. Windows 8 features radically different design philosophy from previous editions. The Surface tablet shows the company is ready to bust-free from the software world. The Xbox 360 is leading the charge against the cable operators. It can be argued that even Windows Phone is something totally new. It was time for Microsoft change its corporate identity. The new logo inspired by the Modern UI better represents the modern day Microsoft.

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