Saturday, August 11, 2012

The need for Mobile Hacking: Understanding the Mobile Technologies Part - 3

NOTE: This series of blog-posts fall under the category - Understanding the Mobile Technologies.You might want to go through the Part-1 and Part-2 of this series before you proceed with this post.

Don't you hate it when someone dictates the terms? Don't you hate it when someone tells you what you can and you can't do? I do. So do many others.

When you buy a device - whether a smartphone, tablet or even a camera - you buy it to use it to the fullest; to squeeze out every little feature and last drop of performance from it. But not only do you buy a device, in most cases you end up buying into an ideology and culture too!

The manufacturer gives you access to its ecosystem and the same time levies certain restrictions on what you can and can't do with their device. These restrictions are more part of this ideology, than realistic reasons to limit access. Reasons cited can include- 
  1. Security - "its for your own good; third party apps will give your device the heebie jeebies"
  2. Stability - "if you get superuser access you might end up wrecking the device"
  3. and many more...
In this process manufacturers end up restricting many features, neutering the device by disabling hardware subsystems and even the possibility of expanding functionality by way of addons. In fact, if you'll notice in the fourth paragraph when I wrote their device,  you didn't bat an eyelid.  Shouldn't it be your device once you've paid for it?

Of course warnings, disclaimers, and police tapes have never stopped the enterprising few from coming up with workarounds. This series of blog-posts is a compendium of all those workarounds that let you get the most out of your device. Jail-breaking iPhones, rooting Androids to get superuser access, installing custom firmware on MPSs and Cameras, you'll find them all!

Basically its all about Hacking your very own Mobile Device.

So wait for my next post - What is Hacking w.r.t. Mobile Devices?

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