Monday, October 29, 2012

The Need to Explore the Incredible India.

Shifting from R&D to HR Recruitment was undoubtedly one of the major decisions in my career as well as life. And indeed it was a really tough decision. It determined not only my career path but a lot of other things as well. Many factors contributed to my decision, one such being India Vs Abroad.

It was the month of February 2012, when I decided to move to HR. Pitted against it was an opportunity to go to Korea. It was clear that onsite opportunities are negligible when one is a part of HR Recruitment and onsite opportunities are endless when you are a part of R&D Team. Being a part of Samsung, you get to visit Korea, Poland, Indonesia, Europe and sometimes America too. Even in other companies there are lot of Onsite Opportunities. So basically, as I said, it was India Vs Abroad.

Then after a few discussions with friends (from both the categories - 1. Friends who had been abroad. 2. Friends who were waiting to visit abroad) and after a few introspection I decided to shift to HR Recruitment Team.

I realized that we Indians have a distorted (or bluntly speaking SICK) mentality. Most of us have a lust to go abroad. I know not why, but we prefer working abroad. Working outside India is a matter of great pride for most of us. Specially working in USA or Europe. Just like communicating in English is a matter of great pride for us.

There are many obvious reasons for preferences for working abroad viz.:
  1. Better pay while Onsite
  2. Chance to visit foreign land 
  3. Interact with foreign people and mix with different cultures
  4. Etc.
But most important of all is the chance to boast about working abroad. Working abroad is like a royal status between friends and family and other relatives.In the process we have become very unpatriotic. We do not feel great to be part of India except during Cricket and Olympics.

My decision to move to Recruitment team had several reasons, but one of the main reasons was the opportunity of exploring different parts of India.

Now that I have visited so many places, I have decided to write about my travel experiences. This path was inspired once again by Prof. Anup K Keshri of the Department of Information Technology of BIT Mesra.

As a result I have started working on a new Blog -

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