Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Am I a bad friend? Or may be I became a bad friend??

"Friendship - the only close relation where you chose your relative", this is how I would describe Friendship. Of-course Friendship has much more, even then that one line tells a lot about it.

When you're born, your parents, your siblings, your cousins everything has been decided for you. Most of the relations that we know are BLOOD RELATIONS, but not Friendship.

I am believer in Free choices.[some people tend to call it Free Will, but I think Free Will is a myth]. All we have is the freedom of choice. This is the exact same thing Krishna told Arjuna [in Geeta] - Work is in your hand, Result is not. Choice is in your hand, but the WILL is that of God.

So anyway, Friendship is the only relation where you apply the freedom of choice and chose your relative. [Love between life-partners is also a kind of friendship, ain't it?]. And I am glad to have used that choice to the fullest extent. Today I have lots of friends. I trust them, and they trust me.

I have always valued friendship much more than any other reasons, for some reasons, unknown to me! I can not understand why, I can not explain why, I just feel it. I have always believed myself to be a good friend to most of my friends, however, my direct nature does inflict some pain to my dearest friends, which I regret but cannot help. Those who accept me with that nature, have become friends for a lifetime.

I always try to be in touch with them, try to help and support them in anyway possible. But recently, I made a couple of mistakes that I regret.

This year I forgot to wish many of closest friends on their respective Birthdays - Shahzor Khan, Akhil Ranjan, Abhinav Omar and a few more... Though I constantly call them up, have a nice chat with them. In Omar's case it was extreme, I called him up, chatted for about half an hour, and forgot to wish him! That was really stupid of me, but it seems other things in life have taken priority.

Honestly, in the last few years, I do not feel like celebrating B'days or New Years or any festival for that matter. It all seems irrelevant to me, what matters to me is spending time with the family and being there for them when they need me. This is my way of friendship.

But still there is no doubt that I forgot to wish them on one of the most important celebration days of their lives'. So the question I have been asking myself is-

"Am I a bad friend?"

"May be I became a bad friend?"

There's one more question - Haven't we all become much more dependent on Facebook, and Calender apps? Why is it that our memory is failing us? Why can't we remember few important dates anymore?

Have we all become bad friends? or its just that 'the bond of friendship' has just evolved, where these things matter a little?

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  1. Excellent read, Vishal... This exactly happened with me too. I had talked to my friend for around 20 min in the morning and 30 min in the night and I never wished him. It became nasty after that though!!!! Really shame on me, here.