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Some amazing and lesser known stats of Sachin Tendulkar.

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In ODIs :

First five stats are calculated based on number of runs scored, although his avg and strike rate is equally astonishing, especially last two tables are just mind blowing.

Before going through them, please note that his overall avg is 44.83 and strike rate is 86.23.

  • Most successful batsman in wins

  • Most prolific batsmen in successful chases

  • Best batsmen in tournament finals

  • Top batsmen in victorious finals

  • Top batsmen in chases in victorious finals

  • Best century rate of 7.73 innings per century among all batsman who scored more than 30 international centuries.(Total centuries are considerd-100)
  • Being a lone fighter has scored
        -- 9 ODI centuries when no one scored even a half century.
        -- 23 ODI centuries when only one other batsman scored a half century.
  • Top 3 scores of him while chasing, 175,143,141 came in defeat because no one else in his team supported him.
  • Removing his runs he scored in India, do not remove him from Top 5 run getters of all time in ODIs as he still have 11400 runs scored outside India.
  • Most runs and centuries in a calendar year: 1,894 and 9 ODI centuries in 1998.
  • Has an avg of above 35 against all teams he played.
  • Highest avg as an opener 48. (Qual - 5000 runs)
  • Scored 19.24% of the total bat runs that India scored in the matches he played in his entire ODI career (18,426 runs out of 95,765).
  • Most runs in World Cup - 2278 with 2nd highest avg of 57(Qual - 1000 runs) and strike rate 89 after Viv richards.
  • Most runs in a single WC - 673 in 2003
  • Played most(6) WCs and was highest scorer of world in 1996,2003 and 2nd highest in 2011.
  • Most MoM awards - 62with a third best rate of innings per award.
  • Most MoS awards - 15.
  • Longest ODI carrer of 22 years.

In Test Matches
  • Only batsman to score a century on all Ranj trophy, Irani trophy and Dilip trophy debut.
  • 3rd Youngest batsman to score a century in test Cricket.
  • One of the 4 batsman to have an avg of above 50 in 90s era. Actual avg was 58 highest. (Qual - 20 matches)
  • For a 20 year career from 1992 to 2011 his avg reaches 58.
  • Sachin has a test average of above 40 in all countries. When other batting greats of his generation go down in at least one or two surfaces.
  • Being a lone fighter
    -- 6 out of 51 Test centuries were scored when no one scored even a 50.
    -- 8 out of 51 Test centuries were scored when one other scored a 50.
  • Has away avg of 54.74 better than home avg 53.79.

Australia vs Sachin Tendulkar
Tendulkar totally dominated the most dominating side of his time

  • Highest avg and runs in Border-Gavaskar trophy - 3070 and 59.03.
  • 3rd Best ODI avg of 46.23 against Australia from 1990-2010 (Qual - 850 runs)
  • Best Test avg of 60.59 against Australia from 1990-2010 (Qual - 850 runs)
  • Best Test avg of 58.53 by a overseas batsman in Australia from 1990-2010 (Qual - 850 runs)
  • Youngest man to score a century on Australian soil.
  • Out of 5 MOS awards in test are against Australia.
  • Out of 14 MOM awards in test 5 against Australia
  • Out of 16 MOS awards in ODI are against SA and AUS,
  • Out of 62 MoM awards in ODI 12 against Aus.
  • Every 5th century of him is scored against Australia, total 20. Most against Australia by any batsman. He scored these centuries with a rate of 6.85 innings per century, much better than his actual rate of 7.72.

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