Friday, February 22, 2013

First time in a long time I asked something for myself when I visited a religious place – I asked for a life-partner at Dargah Ajmer Sharif.

This blog-post is going to be one of the most personal blog-posts in Aasthik. So if you’re looking for Inspirational Stories or Motivation or Some tips for Interviews or Some tech articles or Some Religious or Spiritual Explanation – move on to my other blog posts.

My maternal grandfather taught me many things. His commanding personality made my sub-conscious mind to aspire to be like him. Unknowingly I caught up many of the trademark traits of his personality.

One of the things he taught me was how to pray correctly. One day in his usual mood he asked – “Bittoo, what do you ask for when you pray to God?”. To which I replied – “Sat Buddhi [ i.e. wisdom]”. That’s what I had learnt from religious scriptures. He said – “Always ask God what I ask. Ask that you always have Donating Hands and not the Receiving Hands!”.

Initially I thought - that this thought - is a selfish thought. But then, during my engineering I realized its true meaning. It simply meant that I should do the best I could to help others. That prayer ensures that I give my 100% and always care for people in my life including strangers.

Then a couple of  things occurred. Dr Kalam visited our Campus for Convocation and began his speech with  phrase“Small Dream is a Crime!”. I thought I would dream to be the President of India. Then I questioned myself can it really be the biggest dream and realized that it wasn’t so I made “Being the teacher/tutor/coach/guide of atleast a 100 Dr Kalam" my Dream!. I know its a BIG dream, but Dr Kalam himself said “Small Dream is a crime!”.

Second, I watched the Secret Documentary. I realized I can ask for anything. So I started visualizing a news paper article – “Vishal Gupta donates $100 bn to the NGOs in India”. But to donate that much I first have to have that much right? But then again… Dr Kalam said – “Small Dream is a crime!”.

So every time I visit I never ask God for anything for myself. I always repeat the prayer my Grandfather taught me and I always pray for the well being of family,friends, society, India and the world as a whole! I never ask anything for myself. I ask “God please help me help as many people as I can in whatever way I can. That is the real goal of my life. And I can’t do it without your help”.

I don’t ask for anything because I believe I have everything. I have God with me, and he’s everything Smile

But there’s one thing I do want, and I think its the right time to have it. So when I visited Ajmer Sharif Dargaah on February 17 2013 – for the first time in a long time – I asked something for myself. I asked for my life-partner – one with a pure soul and a good heart Smile

Though I am not exactly planning a marriage right now. I plan to marry about 2-3 years from now. But knowing myself and my life, I could marry tomorrow if I find the right life-partner. Its been a long wait and now I am getting a little impatient. So where ever you’re I think its time for you to enter my life.

Lord Ganesha… I leave it to you. As I always do with most of my problems… Its time you fixed this one too!


  1. Sir sorry for the non-related comment, but have you deactivated your FB account? Is there anyt way i can contact you?

  2. You may contact me at :)

    Yes I have deactivated my facebook account. I will be like that for a few days. I realized I was wasting a lot of time on FB and I was happier when I wasn't on FB. So taking a short break for now. But I'll be back in due time:)