Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sex, Food, Clothes, or Shelter... What is the most important for a Human Being?

Food, Clothes, Shelter are said to be the basic requirement of a Human Being to survive. Some people may consider Sex as well. But then are these Basic Requirements for Survival The Most Important for a Human Being? If yes, which one and why? And if No, which then?

I have always said - "Yes! I know, my opinion is not much important to you as much is yours. So I wont be forcing my opinion on you. But there are a few points I would like to make!" And its time again to make a few points.

The most important thing for any human being is the feeling of being important! Yes being important is the most important thing!!

We all want to be loved, respected, cared for and sometimes even feared. It all comes from the desire to feel important. Whatever we have ever done in our lives, we have done it for ourselves to feel important. We did it because we wanted to do it!!

Even if you donated 1 Crore rupees to a charity, you wanted to do it. If you had valued 1 crore more than the charity act you wouldn't have done it. So we need to understand that all we do in our lives is because we want to do! Even a sage, who relinquishes all material comforts, does so, because He wants it!!

What do you think about people? Whom do you like and whom you don't?? Well put simply you like people - who like you!

Yes! You like people - who like you. You never like a person who never talks to your properly. That is again because of our requirement of feeling important (respected, loved, cared for, feared etc.).

So how do we overcome and rise above all this? How do we like someone who doesn't like us or treats us badly??

Very simple! You like them! Make them feel important. Give them Love, Care, Respect and they're bound to begin to like you. But these feelings should be genuine, it should be from the very bottom of your heart. Faking it might work for a short while, but once you are caught you'll lose your respect, and hence your ego will be hurt.

Do let me know your views people...

BTW Sigmund Freud (the father of Psychology) and Dale Carnegie (the master of Communications) had similar opinions like the ones mentioned above. ;)

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