Sunday, February 3, 2013

The concept of Idol Worship and use of sound equipments in religion.

Almost all the time my mind is restless, unless and until my queries are answered, unless and until I finish my task at hand…

The concept of idol worship exists in many religions and their religious practices. So does the use of bells, drums, horns and other equipments of sound.

I’ve watched ‘Secret’ – the documentary multiple times. Every time I watch it I learn new things, because by the time I watch it I’ve always learn new things to connect to.

This time I realized I could explain the concept of Idol Worship and the use of Sound instruments in a much simpler manner.

In the Secret, one of the characters carries a rock which his friend calls the Gratitude Rock. The concept of the Gratitude Rock is very simple – every time you touch the rock, you’ve to remind yourself about things and people that you’re grateful for. It’s a simple technique. Instead of a rock, it could be a marble; it could be a piece of paper; it could be your shoe! Almost anything works - if it’s different than the usual stuff. Its purpose is to remind you of its purpose. So it’s not the Rock that is important but the feeling of gratitude you have when you touch it.

Similarly the usual of Idol Worship and Sound Equipments have many uses – many medical ones, many spiritual ones, and many physical ones. I am going to describe one of such many uses.

Simply put idols and distinct sounds are there to remind us about things we should be grateful for! One needs to understand that we can’t shut our ears, hence usually we are bound to hear things whether we want to or not. Similarly, we respond almost instantly to the things we see.

So these idols and sound equipments are there to inform us of a few things. For example a loud horn blown by the people at the Mosque is a signal to the others that it’s time for peaceful gathering of mankind united in one single consciousness – it’s the time for prayer – it’s the time for Namaaz!

Similarly, the bells of a church or a temple remind people to come together and celebrate the spirit of life by being humble and being grateful for the people and things we have in our lives.

I will write about their other usage, in the upcoming posts.

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