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Keeping Your Mouth Shut (Part 1) - The Formula of Success given by Albert Einstein

Arguably the Greatest Scientist of the 20th Century, Albert Einstein gave us many useful theories and equations. Mass-energy equivalence is one of them. Photoelectric effect is another. So what is the best theory proposed by him? What is his greatest contribution to our world? String Theory? or Parallel Universe? Its neither of those my friends. It is The Formula for Success.

 He said- “If S is Success, then the formula for success is S= X+Y+Z, where X is WORK; Y is PLAY; and Z is KEEPING YOUR MOUTH SHUT!”.

When I was in my II Year PUC (Pre-University College) in Bangalore, we had a chapter on Einstein in our English syllabus titled “The humane Humorist  Albert Einstein”. I had read that formula for success then, but for some unknown reason I was attracted to it, even though I did not understand it at all. Somehow, it got inscribed into my brain or rather my soul. Until recently, I had no idea what the Formula meant. I guess today I have an answer.

Please mark that I have written- “today I have AN ANSWER” and not “THE ANSWER” because, its just one of the perspective, what Einstein meant, only he would have understood it completely! As an example author here expresses some of his own views.

S = X(Work) + Y(Play) + Z(Keeping your mouth Shut)

Importance and Meaning of work: There is a proverb “Work is worship”. So I guess its not just me, there are many who have felt that work is Divine. Work can be mapped to Sanskrit word “Karma” which means Action or Duty.As I have already mentioned in one of my previous blog post about the Karmanye Vadhiraste Verse from The Holy Geeta, where the importance of work has been explained. And its not just one Verse[श्लोक], there are many others which explain the relation  that - Result is directly proportional to Effort. Hence Result=K*Efforts where K is constant of proportionality.This relation (or equation) was brought to my notice by a friend of mine - Prakhar Goel, who is an Abhyasi of Sahaj Marg System.

So you, see, K is an important factor. If K=1 result equals efforts which is usually the case; if K=2, result = twice the effort; if K=1/2, result is half the effort. And when K=negetive you sure are in trouble. There are many things that determine the value of this K, and clearly K is somewhat beyond our control. However we can control an equally important factor- Effort! If Effort is Zero or minimal, K becomes insignificant. So Effort is more important. No effort, no result! These Efforts are nothing but our Actions i.e. Karma. Its obvious that Einstein gives preference to Work in his Equation of Success.

Importance and Meaning of Play: Well, PLAY is as important as is WORK. But what is PLAY? Cricket? Chess? Soccer? Tennis? Hockey?TT? or any other  game or Sport? No its neither of those things. PLAY is enjoyment. Play is enjoying what you do[कर्म] rather than the result [फल] of what you have done. Play is eternal Happiness which has been called “असीम  आनंद” [Aseem Aanand] in Hindu Scriptures. While Work is Divine Action; Play is Divine Enjoyment! This is the same message given by Shree Krishna to Arjuna in the form of the "कर्मण्ये  वाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचना" श्लोक [Karmanye Vadhikaraste Verse in The Holy Geeta]. Einstein understood the message of The Holy Geeta!!

The baseline is we should enjoy our work. If we don’t then its a bit difficult to achieve success in any form.

Importance and Meaning of Keeping Your Mouth Shut: Since people like short posts and the meaning of this Z, i.e. ‘Keeping your mouth shut’, is very deep, I have decided to write a second post. But I assure you the meaning hidden inside is real deep and very very useful. Read on the post below if you really want to know the contribution of “Keeping your mouth shut” in the formula for success!

P.S.: Einstein was undoubtedly a great scientist and a great man, and his formulae are the basis of modern science, however his most important formula has gone unnoticed by people probably because no one was prepared to understand it. He once said – “Everybody talks about me but nobody understands me!”

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