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Keeping Your Mouth Shut! (Part 2) - The Z factor in Success as explained by Albert Einstein

I assume that since you are reading this post, you must have read and understood the first post. I would like you to spare sometime and some thoughts on the 1st post before carrying on with this post. Once you have perceived the first post correctly, this post will seem better!

So, what could Einstein possibly mean by ‘Keeping Your Mouth Shut’ in his formula for Success? He probably meant not just one thing but a lot of things; a set of qualities to acquire in life to be Successful. I would not discuss the term ‘Success’ because it would take another post! In short you define Success for yourself. It might be a Job or a Relationship or some Financial Advantage, may be carrying out some task, having a respectable status in society,a medal in Olympics, completing your graduation or your semester project, or could be getting into IITs or getting placed or getting placed in a premium company and so the list continues! However, all kinds of Success require the three basic ingredients as described by Einstein's Equation.

People usually utilize X and Y i.e. Work and Play in their equation for Success, however due to ignorance or unawareness we tend to ignore the third and equally important factor – “Keeping Your Mouth Shut!” The different aspects of Keeping Your Mouth Shut are-

Self-Awareness: A Japanese Scientist Conducted an interesting experiment. He took 3 water samples from the same source, kept them under exactly similar conditions. However, he labelled them differently – “I love you”, “I am grateful to you” and “I will kill you”. Mind it, he did not say anything. He just had a thought and labelled the samples and left them standing for a few hours. He then took the samples and froze them and then took snapshots of the crystals using Electron Microscope. He found that the crystals had different structures. Those with the labels “I love you” and “I am grateful to you” were amazingly beautiful and the one with “I will kill you” was practically pathetic! He put the pictures of those crystal in display with a note –“70% of Human Body is Water! Imagine what our thoughts can do to us!”.

NOTE: If you want to see this experiment, you can see it in the movie(documentary) “What the bleep do we know!”

Thus ‘Keeping Your Mouth Shut’ is a metaphor for keeping a check on your Senses, i.e. Sensual desires and the thought process.Its about being conscious of your beliefs, thoughts, desires and values.These days, psychologists give so much stress on Positive Thinking! This claim is indeed based on Scientific Experimentation.

Being Humble: One of the greatest qualities of a successful man is his humble nature. He understands that though he has achieved success, he’s not the only person who has contributed to his Success. He remembers that though he put his effort, there was still the factor ‘K’ in the Result. He might have been supported by his family, motivated by a relative, supported by friends or taught by teacher. He understands that he was successful because he was in the right place at the right time with the right effort. He understands that it’s God’s grace and he owes his success to the society and he must be grateful to GOD.

Such a person doesn’t become a victim of EGO!  He avoids boastingAs a result he’s loved and admired by all. As a result he’s supported more, he’s motivated more, he’s helped by people in times of need. Its kind of a feedback loop. If we remain humble, we continue to achieve more success and if not we fail! For Believers (i.e. Aasthik! ), such a person also receives Divine Help in his future endeavors.

Since people like shorter posts, the main and the last meaning of ‘Keeping Your Mouth Shut’ is explained in the third post below.

I promise that the next post will take you to new and Magical World!


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