Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Keeping your Mouth Shut (part-3) - The Ultimate Weapon of Albert Einstein

As promised I am introducing you to a Magical and Phenomenal World! I am describing the last and the most important meaning of ‘Keeping Your Mouth Shut!’ I am introducing you to अन्तः मौन [Antah Maun]

अन्तः मौन is a part of Yoga. To be more specific its a part of Patanjali’s "अष्टांग योग" [Asthanga Yoga]. And this is really interesting. Its simple process provides you the control of your conscious Mind. Then it takes you to yet another level, it provides you the control to your Sub-Conscious Mind.

Quantum Physics and Relativity tell us that if we take the Vacuum within a single Hydrogen Atom; that's about 10 to the minus 23 cubic centimeters. If we take that amount of volume and take the Latent Energy in that, there is a TRILLION TIMES MORE ENERGY there than in all of the mass of all of the stars and all of the planets upto 20 billion Light-Years. That's big, pretty big! And if Consciousness allows us to control even a small fraction of that, Creating a Big-Bang is no problem.Source: Documentary- “What the bleep do we know!”

अन्तः मौन is the stepping stone to get access to such energy. And we need not go anywhere, because the process begins with us and ends within us. These can be practiced under any circumstances irrespective of your location, position or situation. The Different Stages of अन्तः मौन [Antah Maun] are:

1. Focus Outwards: अन्तः मौन means 'focusing inwards quietly' or "focusing within self consciously" so you might be surprised by the first stage which is focusing outwards, right? But that’s just the first stage my friends and its really important. You have to focus all your concentration on the outside activities, the noise etc. You are not allowed to get lost in your own thoughts. You need to pay constant attention to the outside world. After a few seconds you are going to find that you are lost in world of your own thoughts and imagination! Try to become aware of this fact, and return to the process, bring back your consciousness from your thought-world to focus on the outside world. Practice this till you master it!

2. Be an Observer of your thoughts: Avoid all outside interference. Don’t listen to the outside noise. Keep your eyes closed. Just be alert about your thoughts. Keep a watch on the thoughts. Don’t flow with the thoughts. Don’t get lost in the thoughts. Just be an observer. You’ll find that your mind diverts more to the outside world this time. By doing this you will know the nature of your thoughts, you’ll know your mental state. You can then deal with all your mental battles, because now you’ll clearly see YOURSELF in your thoughts! Bring it back and practice it till you master it!

3. Create thoughts Willfully: Don’t let the thoughts emerge spontaneously. Don’t let them come or go freely. Create a thought, focus on it for sometime and then let it go. This is called "चिंतन" [Chintan].

4. Don’t Let go of your Spontaneous thoughts: This time let the thoughts emerge spontaneously. But don’t let them go. Keep the thought in the mind as long as you want. Don’t let the mind go after some other thought until you want it so. This practice is called "मनन" [Manan].

5. Conscious Space: This process is named चिदाम्बर (चित  + अम्बर ) विधि [chidaambar process]. Chidaambar means The Conscious Space. In this process, you remove every thought as soon as it emerges. One after the other you keep on eliminating and neglecting thoughts until you reach a state called ‘Naught’ or  “शून्य”[Shoonya]. If an image emerges instead of a thought, you try to change the image slowly reducing it to ‘naught’, that is, you make it disappear! 

Benefits from the Process??: This way you get full control of your mind. Imagine a situation where you are very angry or frustrated or depressed or feeling very proud or despair or pain…. you’ll be able to remove that thought immediately, and hence that feeling within fraction of a second. You would also be able to create more positive thoughts thus shaping a good future hence applying the Law of Attraction in your life.
NOTE: To know more about Law of Attraction watch the Documentary - “The Secret”

I have practiced this for a week and my life has changed. My perspective has changed and so have I.So what are you waiting for?As promised, I welcome you to the World of Magic!

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