Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Weird Kinds of people (part-1) - Those who remember you only in times of their need.

Well to begin with I am also a weird kind of person in my own way.

This is another Series of blog-posts in which I will discuss weird kinds of people who live in this world. I believe I have no right to judge a person and so I won't use the words like "Bad" or "Good" or "Good Most of the times" - I will just use "Weird".

Anyways let me start what I actually wanted to write. Friend in need is a friend indeed its an old saying. But we have a special category of Friends - who remember that you're a friend only when they need something.

Aasthik - My Main Blog has given me many things. It has given me new friends and a couple of sisters or so I thought.

Lets talk about the particular example which inspired this post. When I was in 4th year; a girl from 1st year contacted me saying that she liked my blogs and my facebook profile and that she was impressed by my principles and my ideologies. She called me "bhaiya" [Elder brother] and I treated her like I treat my little sister. I really did care for her like she was my sister. She soon became part of my events specially the Microsoft Software & Technology Club (MSTC).

A few things happened and people who did not want to see me and  Microsoft Software & Technology Club prosper tried to create a lot of problems for me and my team members. Some of my team members left for the fear of Some Seniors and others simply quit to not be caught in the cross-fire. A few stayed and saw this through the end with me.

That time was one of the most learning periods of my life. I learnt a lot of things. I won't say that I was right - because its a matter of perception - and I accept I did make some mistakes (big & small). But that led to me developing the art of relationship management and today I manage Samsung's (World's Largest Conglomerate; World's Largest Software Company; World's Largest Electronics Company) Relationship with IITs IIITs NITs and many similar premiere institutes. Whatever happened made me a better person - professionally and personally.

Anyways... so the point is this girl was under pressure by her boy-friend. He made her block me on FaceBook and avoid all communications (talk about stupidity and cheap mentality - I was always trying to help her like my sister!) - not because he thought I was seducing her - but because he was influenced by the other Seniors who were against me & MSTC.

So this girl did not have any contact with me for about 2 years or so... and suddenly one day when I login to my Gtalk I get her ping at 23:15 hrs when I was packing to go on a recruitment drive. I had flight to catch at 5AM which means I had to leave by 2:30 AM. She wanted me to compile a speech for her because she thought I write good articles! [Well some people have told me that... I am not sure... I just write whatever I feel... I simply put my heart out when I write.]

Now she was trying to out-source her responsibility. Moreover it was not ethical for a 3rd year Engineering graduate to ask someone else to compile a speech for him or her so that he or she takes credit for it. Had she asked for me to review a speech that she wrote - I would have gladly done it [even when she only contacted me in 2 years when I came online.] She could have emailed that request earlier...

So considering all the circumstances - I could categorize her as Weird People Category-1 aka  Those who remember you only in times of need.

Oh another thing... I had sent her an email reply stating that I did not expect such behavior from her. She was so busy that she replied today after a month or so. Funny thing I would say, considering the fact that she should have been waiting for my email for the article.

So when I got her reply today I told her that I did not like her attitude in this particular instance and she kinda started arguing with me. It was her argument that she had 9096 emails in her inbox and hence she did not see the email. Funny thing I told her - I have 14957 emails in my inbox and I was very busy that day when she wanted me to write an article for her at 23:15 hrs when I was hungry and did not had time to have my dinner [well she did not know she would say - and I would say its common courtesy to ask when you begin a chat at 23:15 hrs]. Still I asked her to compose and article and evaluated that and her article was really good so I told her not to make any changes. And today she wrote about 4-5 emails arguing why she was justified in her actions!!

What I am trying to say is - It's all about priorities. 

But her behavior also gives an Introduction to The Weird People Category-2 - "I won't Accept My Mistake at Any Cost" People.

Its pretty natural for humans to NOT accept their mistakes you know. Its just Human Psychology.

To conclude you'll always meet such kind of people in your life. So what do you do in such circumstances? Well you just move on and help someone who has some gratitude - who really needs help and deserves it.

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