Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We usually forget that being a good human being is much more important than being successful

I don't really know how many people have ever thought about it; but recently I have come to the conclusion that being a good human being is much more important than being a (so called) successful personality.

One may be an expert of his or her own field. One may have killer looks and/or impressive communication skills ; but if one is not using it for the benefit of society (or the world in general) then it might backfire someday.

Not only that the World remembers people only when they need them. But once a person has left (putting it bluntly - has died) - the world doesn't care for the people unless-

  1. They are very good. Like Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa.
  2. They are Bad - like Hitler and Saddam Hussain.
  3. They have a personal connection with the person.
And I am pretty sure, most of us want to be remembered as a good person. But are actions leading us there? That's a million dollar question my friend!

If you're a good human being - in my personal opinion - not only you're successful but your success multiplies and grows with the lives of the people you touch and inspire. Your success is unparalleled because you have made a positive impact on the society (or the world).

Hence, in my humble opnion being Good comes before being Successful. And I can tell you - we have all good and bad in us - A Good Person is someone who's good most of the times with most of the people - a person who is good all the time with all the people is called a Saint (in Sanskrit - its called 'Muni' or 'Sthita Pragya'.

I intend to atleast be a good person. And today I pray to Lord - "Oh Lord, please help me be a good person!"

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  1. thanks..for such pure and honest beliefs...
    today world needs more people like u..
    i hope u carry will on your good work for a long time...