Thursday, April 4, 2013

The 10 Golden Rules (Principles) of HR.

After completing one year in HR I have learned quite a few things and I continue to do so. Few of such these can be called rules. These rules should never be broken else it will create trouble for you. These are the 10 Golden Rules of HR. These rules must be printed and hung up  in every wall in offices.

Here are these Golden rules-

  1. Never call a Donkey by its name. I mean never call a Donkey – A Donkey!
  2. If the Donkey feels like he or she is the King… make him or her believe that he or she is the best King the World has ever known.
  3. Never ever try to change the way a Donkey operates. The Donkey will create more mess if things don’t go his or her way.
  4. Sometimes be the Donkey yourself! (In the presence of the Donkey) Winking smile 
  5. If you can’t be a Donkey… never act like a Lion (King) in front of any Donkey.
  6. Donkeys always create problems. Find ways to deal with the problem. You can not change the Donkey.
  7. If the Donkey crosses the limit or if you really can not be Donkeyed any more then please change your job… because the Donkey will never change.
  8. Even if you change your job… expect a Donkey in the new job as well.
  9. Don’t get disheartened if you have to deal with more Donkeys in the new job than the old job.
  10. The 10th Golden Rule – Being an HR means being a Student of Donkey Psychology. You have to learn everything about the Donkey… After all HR is basically Donkey Management.

P.S. The Donkey may be your client or your employee or your boss or your colleague or a senior or some other person  or vendor you have to deal with or at the worst case your Boss’s Boss or even worse than the worst - you Yourself.