Saturday, April 27, 2013

The 3 Main Goals of My Life.

The 3 Goals of my life are:

1. Establishing India's Most Advanced and Most practical University -Will name it Vinayak University or something related to Gurukul or Takshasheela or Nalanda. That is one of my biggest goals. It should be a university that surpasses IITs and AIMs. It will be university the world has never seen before. Something on the lines of Phunsuk Wangadoo's School in 3 idiots.

2. I wish to see a real news on the front-page of the morning newspaper - Vishal Gupta donates $100 Billion to NGOs and Universities in India.

3. To create or inspire another 100 Dr Kalam for India's sustained growth and development.


  1. Please let me be part of your First dream , in someway ... Its astounding , with every piece of info u share, it strikes me how u share a lot of thoughts with mine, like the name of the institute!!!! we call it here as Gurukulam, and u say it as Gurukul, I believe... Mindboggling

    1. Sure why not. :)

      I can not do this alone. I would need help from God and like-minded individuals like you. We need to do it. We ought to do it. And that's the reason I am sure - WE WILL DO IT :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks bro :)

      It's God's dream first, then mine.