Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The fact is we Indians take Cricket too Seriously and Rape too Casually while it actually should be the other way round…

If a Man Rapes a Man he is called Gay…
If a Man rapes 11 men; he is called Gayle!

Funny, humorous and eye-catching lines to attract attention to a Facebook post. I would be lying if I said that I did not enjoy it the first time I read it. But then a thought struck me. -  “Its RAPE we’re talking about!”

R      A      P      E –       RAPE   !!

Situations like these remind me of the awesome movie – ‘A Wednesday’ - starring Nazruddin Shah, Anupam Kher and Jimmy Shergil.
In the movie Nazruddin Shah says – “We Indians get used-to to everything! Even Bombings”

I so wish he was wrong. But as on date,  we have gotten used to Rape. We have been taking Cricket more seriously than Rape. That mentality is clearly seen in the above lines. Moreover the number of statuses about Gayle far exceeds the number I had seen about the Rape cases.

And hence I am forced to ask myself – Are we a country of fools?

I am ashamed to admit that many of those people who went on to protest against the rapists in Delhi were actually more interested in getting a profile pic or cover pic for their Facebook Wall.  People could be seen posing with Candles and posters just to be uploaded to Facebook.

Now you might argue that it was done to reach out to people using Facebook and I will ask you again – Was it Really?

If the intention was to spread the word – the pictures of the crowd would have sufficed. It would have produced more effect. Why take your own pic in different poses?

And so many people are going to Watch the IPL matches. I somehow got the chance to watch bits and pieces of  the match between Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai Indians (on TV of course) in which Delhi  Daredevils won. The Chairperson of the IPL committee was saying that despite 6 straight losses of Delhi Daredevils the stadium is fully occupied and tickets have been sold even for 20 thousand and 25 thousand.

Did we show the same enthusiasm while supporting Nirbhayaa and in our protests? Why did our interest die out ?

I am forced to ask myself… What kind of citizens are we?

By the way… if you want to ask me question about what has been my contribution… Let me tell you I am not an Arm-chair critic. I have been training Girls (and Boys too) from lower economic families about Chasing their Dreams and Goals; their rights and moral duties and about getting Job. And I am doing all this free of cost. I will upload some pics and videos (on YouTube) within the next 7 days. [This again is not to show-off or blab about myself but just an answer to the question – What have I done?]

Nor the aim of this blog is to criticize. The aim is to view my own image in the mirror. The aim to analyse myself and my actions. This blog post is for me to refer when I divert from my path. I have written it for me and me alone… but if you’re reading it YOU may be “ME”.

But as I always say There’s Hope. Always!
Something can always be done about it – even at our level – the grass-root level – the citizen level. And many people are moving towards this direction. We Indians should avoid even commenting or passing remarks on girls and dis-courage our friends from doing so. This is the starting point. If you stop a sneezing early there’s a less chance of getting cough and cold and severely ill. Similarly we should stop comments and and discourage eve-teasing. Rest all will automatically follow.

I know the reaction one gets if you try to discourage your friends. I have always faced that situation. But that does not stop me from doing the right thing. That should not stop YOU either.

I have more to say on the subject but I will write about that in the next post.

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  1. Indeed ...I totally agree....The word RAPE has a different definitions but is commoly used as a noun to mean "unlawful compeling of a person through physical force to have sexual intercourse"
    The 1st time I heard someone (only 9 years old) use the term RAPE in a casual conversation. I was stunned.. having grown up thinking RAPE as a horrible crime that can happen to anyone ...anyone means literally anyone .... BE IT MAN OR WOMAN..... Yes It can happen to a man also .....
    STOPPING RAPE isn't possible unless we change the way we tackle and think about ordinary violence (casual acceptance)...........