Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why did I write the blog post "I am ashamed to be called an almnus of BIT Mesra" ?

To begin my reply- how about the following email from a Team that is seeking funding?


I write to you in response to the contribution you made to TEAM XYZ.

We are really happy about the fact that you had come forward to help us when we desperately needed some.Also i would like to let you know that the money transferred by Abhinav sir has been deposited into our account. We are really proud to have an alumnus like you. 

But still we fall way short of our target budgets.Till now we have received one lakh rupees from various sources like Dept.of science and technology ( sanctioned 50,000rs) , 5000 rs from GRAPHIC TRADES and in bits and pieces from other organizations .Our target budget would be around three lakhs, hence we are still in a deficit of around two lakh rs.

Apart from you and Abhinav sir, none other alumni have come forward to sponsor us despite being approached several times.We work hard here in Gurutva Lab day and night but if monetary help is not provided to us, then we may not be able to represent our University at NASA.It becomes very difficult for all of us to motivate ourselves and move forward.Even the college is showing reluctance in issuing money for our project which is the biggest disappointment so far.BIT MESRA, despite being such a big university is not taking responsibility for this.We are approaching other organizations like NTPC,IOCL,BRADA,SBI Bank etc but none have confirmed their contribution.Also we are running out of time sir as we have to apply for visas and get them done, then book tickets also.

Hence kindly i request you to show us a way to get some more sponsorship help from the Alumuni and other contacts of yours.

Thanking you sir.

With regards,

**I haven't named the team as it may have a negative impact on them.

Did I just read that no body is helping and students are getting discouraged; or is that my imagination?

"Hence kindly i request you to show us a way to get some more sponsorship help from the Alumuni and other contacts of yours."

That line from the email from Team Gurutva inspired this blog-post. Because sometimes you need to SHOUT and MAKE NOISE to get attention. Just like Bhagat Singh did by bombing the parliament without KILLING anyone.

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